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Dear subscribers, my name is Amur and my bitcointalk username is Gucci Flip Flops, and i am glad to welcome you to my blog! I wrote this article for you about Paygine -
Paygine platform is going to completely reverse the order of things in the banking industry and raise the cryptocurrency industry to a new level. The fact that the crypt region is very slow in its development due to the existence of banks. It is in traditional structures that people continue to carry their money. This leads to the fact that the cryptocurrency sphere can not show its full potential to the full. To fix this, Paygine is on the scene.

Paygine is a transformation of banking systems in the direction of providing cryptoexchange services. The project is an open platform that will help in the development of business. This will increase the popularity of both individual coins and the entire industry. Cryptocurrency will replace traditional fiat money and help people make all transactions on the network much faster and better. The project is developed by experts in the field of the cryptocurrency and banking industries.

The road map of the project consists of several important stages. Each stage involves entering new markets. The first stage of the road map is connected with the project's entrance to the European market. At this time, the platform is going to change the interaction of the traditional banking sphere and transfer it to the crypt region. Stage 2 will be marked by an entry into the US market. Stage 3 - to the markets of Asia.

Each stage has its own clear plan. At the first stage, the project is going to spend about $ 30 million. It will take 7 to 14 months to complete all the objectives. To begin with, the team is going to buy banks in Europe to start a gradual work with them. After that, implement the Core System. Next, to integrate with the settlement systems, to begin a closer interaction. The finalization of the Peer2Peer system will begin. The scaling process starts. Developers will begin to modify the gateway to work with cryptocurrency. The plans to develop operational documentation and AML procedures. Sign agreements with international cryptoexchange exchanges. After joining the MC and implementing the implementation with certification. Further introduce processing with emission and equivar. Register an exchanger and implement it in the platform. Launch a cryptocurrency purse and own issue of cards to cryptocollars. Issue virtual cards.

After that, step 2 of the road map will come. The term of its implementation is calculated for 6-24 months. At this time, the team is going to get MTL licenses in all US states. Develop software to work with ML, and also to integrate with external systems. Launch API for performing translation functions based on cryptocurrency. Create your own infrastructure for receiving and issuing cash. This is a great job, after which the entry into the Asian market will begin.

The Asian market is the third direction of the project development, according to the roadmap. It is designed for 6-24 months. Then the company will open representative offices in different countries of southeast Asia. It is also going to connect the representative offices to the developed system, to unite the disparate projects into a single network. After that, register in the MPS representative offices. Then connect them to the central processing. Then close all the cash flows of the platform in the banks of the project group. And only when this is done, will start the process of launching all services in the Asian region.

At the moment, the main sale of coins of the project goes. The main croudsail goes from June 18 to August 17, 2018. At this time, the rate of buying a token is at the level of 1 USD = 1.3 PGC. At the moment, the team gives investors a discount of 20%. Gradually, from week to week, the discount will decrease to 5%. Soft Cap platform is 850 thousand dollars. At the moment the team has already collected almost 1.5 million US dollars. Hard Cap project is set at $ 3 million.

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