During the existence of blockchain projects, many effective solutions have been created in various fields, including the freelance industry.
Payperblock is a project within the framework of which a decentralized platform will be created, uniting customers from among the founders of blockchain projects and freelancers from among blockchain specialists. The Payperblock project will become one of them, providing participants from among customers and performers a whole set of tools for reliable, safe and effective interaction.
Pay per block bypass all centralized freelance platforms, thanks to low fees, decentralized management, secure payment system, prevention and resolution of disputes by the community of PayB token holders. At the end of our conversation about Payperblock, we decided to find out what this blockchain platform will be different from all other decentralized solutions.

How it differs from other blockchain solutions?
Pay per block is not just another freelance platform based on blockchain technology, like many other platforms. This platform has its own blockchain — PayB Blockchain, thanks to which it bypasses many other similar platforms. This entails a lot of advantages, including lower fees than on all other platforms, the ability to scale, decentralized management and dispute resolution.
Many other blockchain projects were aimed at creating a solution to pay for the work performed by a freelancer. That is why Payperblock was able to focus on all the other problems and shortcomings.
The сommission on such well-known blockchain platforms as, for example, Blocklancer and Coinlancer, working on the basis of Ethereum Blockchain, is 3%. Therefore, they are still in many ways inferior to Payperblock, which takes only 1-2%, not charging an сommission for dispute resolution.
Another distinctive feature of Payperblock is the ability to organize the work process in a high quality and transparent way, thanks to the availability of appropriate tools that work in real time.
This move will allow the creators of the platform to minimize disputes, making Payperblock the most reliable freelance platform.

Power in the hands of the community
As we have said, the main feature of Payperblock is decentralization. This concept formed the basis of all solutions based on blockchain technology, since the centralized nature of such platforms often has a number of disadvantages. The transfer of rights into the hands of the community has become a trend of modern solutions. All issues related to the policy of the Payperblock platform are not solved by the team of its creators, but on the contrary — are in the hands of its community, consisting of all PayB token holders. All decisions regarding the working principles of the platform shall only be accepted by a vote of the members of the community.

Fair settlement of disputes
In order to ensure the most honest and transparent cooperation, the creators of the platform will develop a set of tools that allow customers and freelancers to properly organize the workflow and achieve mutual understanding, avoiding any misunderstandings and disputes. The dispute resolution mechanism in Payperblock is still provided. This is where the concept of decentralization and the transfer of power to the community comes into play. Instead of resolving disputes on their own, charging an additional commission for this, the creators of Payperblock allowed PayB token holders, that is, members of the community, to solve disputes on their own, by voting. The subject of such disputes may be the quality of a freelancer's performance of the task, problems with payment, as well as unjustified negative feedback.
One of the dispute prevention mechanisms will be the payment system using cryptocurrency (BTC/PayB) and blockchain technology. Before starting the task, the freelancer must make sure that his customer has made a pre-agreed amount in the smart contract.

Debit card

All participants of the cryptocurrency market, including blockchain developers, are interested in global adoption of cryptocurrencies and the possibility of their use in everyday life as a way of payment for goods and services in the real world. Because of this, holders of the cryptocurrency will be able to use their BTC, ETH, LTC, other crypto-currencies and token-ERC 20 to, for example, to pay for purchases or to pay for the tickets.
Adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment is not expected in the near future, blockchain developers have found an alternative and began to issue their own debit cards. Since last year, cards have become a kind of trend in blockchain projects, so Payperblock is no exception, and its creators will allow PayB holders to use tokens to pay for services and goods in the real world.
The user's PayB Wallet cryptocurrency wallet will be linked to his PayB debit card, on which it will be possible to store not only PayB tokens, but also the local Fiat currency. This feature will be a distinctive feature of the Payperblock debit card platform, in comparison with other platforms.
The process of buying through POS terminals or withdrawing cash from ATMs will not be particularly different from all other solutions. The conversion of tokens into local currency takes place directly at the time of the transaction at the current rate of tokens to the local Fiat currency.

Future of the project
The goal pursued by the creators of Payperblock, realizing their ideas —the creation of the most popular, the most convenient, the most transparent and effective freelance platform.
Following the private pre-sale of tokens for accredited investors in April and public krautsalat to all comers in September, the developers Payperblock will get all the necessary investments and are then further developments in the framework of the project, as well as its marketing promotion. They plan to launch the alpha version of Payperblock in November this year, then in December — the beta version of the platform, and in February 2019 — the PayB blockchain.
An active marketing company will start immediately after the launch of the beta version of Payperblock and will include SEO, SMM-promotion and targeted advertising, so that as many users as possible from among the founders of blockchain projects and specialists in blockchain technology and related areas can join the platform and cooperate with each other in reliable, transparent and safe conditions.

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