Payperblock is a freelancer platform that operates globally for blockchain experts, supported by Payb Blockchain. PAYPERBLOCK A Software Company. This Company Is Very Hard On Payperblock Projects And All Trusted Members.
What problems does the project solve?

Below are the problems identified. Increase in operating liabilities: items that are not used are recognized as liabilities. Because fewer and fewer customers are needed, the company's duties increase and have a negative impact on the financial assessment. Low-performance loyalty program: this is due to the low use of figures, the company can not achieve the performance of the loyalty program, as expected. low productivity, how to determine social costs for the customer and the company.

Complexity of control points: on average 29 programs are registered, different, so it is difficult to enter checkpoints and leads to the expiry of the glasses. The profit is provided by this platform. Both users and companies can use the platform chair. Users can score their points against Payperblock TOKEN SALE (PayB) or collect your points at the point of sale. Users can access ads from interested companies via advertisements.

With Payperblock with Wallet you can manage and integrate multiple partners at the same time. The company has access to more customers, with which you can sell your products to the pointer. Replace models Payperblock companies help to effectively reduce your obligations. Partners can promote greater loyalty to potential customers through the use of feed and stock allocations. Payperblock

Pave the way for a smarter future by connecting the right talents with the right work so that each potential block project has the best prerequisites for success.

Our main objective is to offer a transparent and fair platform at the lowest possible cost. It's so simple

Are you looking for an experienced and experienced Independent Blocker based on your new project? Do not look any further. Payperblock is a free trade platform that works globally for block experts backed by Payb Blockchain.

What is the value proposition?
It intends to make the independent world more reliable, organized and reliable. In PAYETBLOCK, the structure of market operations is stored consciously distributed independently. One of the main objectives of the company is to keep everything fair for clients and freelancers.

The designation of PAYB
To obtain the funds to implement the Payperblock business plan, the ICO process will be used. In this approach, the tokens will be distributed as a way of giving people actions in the organization. A total of $ 10 billion of "Payperblock" bonds will be printed for commercial operations in the Free Trade Platform.

We launched an initial coin offer (ICO) to issue PayPerBlock symbols in a public block. The token is called PAYB and will be issued during pre-ICO and ICO. ICO will only be made on the website.

The total current supply is 10 billion. Our referral program allows you and your affiliates to receive 5% of the PAYB rate for ICO purchases.

Diffusion of tokens
Of all the printed characters:

45% will be available to the general public for their purchase
A 25% sign will be provided for future cold storage development tasks
15% for project development and consulting equipment
15% for bonus and payment programs on the Payperblock platform

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