With the recent global economic trend, working in one company with a truck full of skilled labor and unhealthy technical knowledge for any economy that requires an explosion in innovation and broader knowledge, is directed at increasing productivity and sharing to the employer. It is also important that those who make a positive contribution to the progress of any firm or company that they find themselves must be intended to train their expertise through part of their work and services to two or more companies to increase their pockets or income because employee benefits generate more innovation in labor productivity in any organization, this fact raises PAYBERBLOCK with loose ideas.
Open the way for a smarter future by connecting the right talent with the right job so that every potential flash project has the best prerequisites for success.

Transparent workflow
Our goal is to introduce full transparency to the freelancing industry. Real-time follow-up allows a truly transparent workflow and eliminates disputes.
Working on the project will be in Finland, where the headquarters of the ecosystem organization is located, PAYERBLOCK works on the same principle as the famous crypto-currency ether. The project does not depend on a centralized structure, but uses a network of token holders for their work. All transactions in the freelancer network will be stored for some time, thanks to the use of distributed models. The potential for platform growth is very large.

Are you looking for an independent, experienced and experienced blocker based on your new project? Look no further than Payperblock is a free global trading platform for professionals on the block that is supported by the Paych Blockchain. ‘
PAYPERBLOCK is more than a job creation platform that is utilized with blockchain technology, it seeks to create many job opportunities for freelancers with expert leagues, owned and operated by Payperblock Ltd. This company is strictly involved in promoting professionalism and for all categories of skilled personnel such as; contract developers, software engineers, website developers, 3D mockup artists, writers, digital marketers, and remote assistants will be utilized to offer their knowledge and experience to the growth of any firm or organization that needs their services with large financial benefits , therefore; with freelancers, stability in the economy and unanimous growth will be reflective in the society where it is located.
Therefore, this business initiative is programmed to be fully established in Finland in Oulu, with a prospective plan to spread to other countries because the business model allows expansion to the global business market.
This is a note that Freelancing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and this industry has more than $ 1.5 trillion in revenue per year. More than 77 million people on a global scale identify their main work as freelancing work.

The uniqueness of this decentralized blockchain company is outlined below;

The lowest cost in the industry: it imposes a low percentage on clients who work with their sites.
Decentralized authority: the company does not have a central command authority; rather the decision is made through voting.
Guaranteed payment: payment for freelancer’s work is definitely immediately after the completion of the job.
Improved and fair dispute resolution process: for every mistake, there is a rapid conflict resolution mechanism to resolve problems and guarantee a free and healthy business agreement.

PAYETBLOCK akan membuka penjualan untuk token mereka bagi investor untuk berinvestasi dan menghasilkan keuntungan yang wajar selama distribusi, di bawah ini adalah analisis sederhana dari pendanaan ICO; 10 billion payperblock will be printed,
45% for public purchases
25% is provided for future development
15% team development
15% bounty program
The currency received is; ETH, BTC, and LTC.
For better understanding, below is a diagram illustrating the ICO funding process;

In other ways to be more convincing to the public, this is a table that highlights its uniqueness on other platforms;
After the completion of the ICO, the percentage of the total realization of tokens will be distributed to all categories of people who contribute to the growth of the project, below is a diagram that illustrates the distribution formula;

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