In the Internet era, many specialists in various fields began to abandon traditional full-time employment with a direct presence in the company's office in favor of distance employment, full or partial. Why not? If the position of the employee does not provide for the need for a permanent presence on the ground, remote work is an excellent way out.

Freelance offers many advantages:
freelancer does not depend on the company's work schedule, performs the tasks at a convenient time for him, independently planning his schedule, investing on time;
does not spend time on the road to the office and back, focusing exclusively on the quality and timing of the tasks;
independently choose any convenient place for work - it does not matter, house, cafe, hub or park. The main thing is connection to the Internet and suitable conditions;
has the opportunity to receive payment for his work not by days / weeks / months, but by the fact of providing the result of the work performed.
Nevertheless, such a distance form of employment has disadvantages:

freelance - not always full employment, but more often - the fulfillment of individual tasks to different customers. Therefore, there is no guarantee of any stability, and the freelancer has to rely solely on himself
lack of stability in the event that a freelancer does not work for a single customer on an ongoing basis, may lead to the need for a permanent job search
work for the customer remotely - a big risk of becoming a victim of deception, not having received payment for the work done
the salary depends solely on the amount of work done, so the payment by the customer of such situations as sick leave or leave, when there is no work - from the category of fiction.
More often than not, freelancers use special freelance platforms to find customers for tasks, which, on the one hand, provide a convenient interface for finding work and fulfilling tasks, provide guarantees of payment for the work done, and on the other hand, charge too high commissions for this, depriving freelancers of most of the profits.

Today we will talk about a project that will save the freelance industry from most of the shortcomings that existed up to this time - the Payperblock project . In the first article, let's talk about what his idea is, in the next - compare the platform with traditional centralized freelance platforms, and in the final one - with similar decentralized solutions based on blocking technology.
The idea of ​​Payperblock
Payperblock is a blockbuster project organized by a team headquartered in Oulu, Finland. Its main idea is to create an absolutely decentralized, fully transparent and honest freelance platform for blockbuster specialists with lower commissions and decentralized arbitration.

Payperblock will in many respects differ from other platforms for freelancers, both centralized and decentralized. At a minimum, it is mostly designed for block-specialists, so that the founders of projects can use the platform to form teams for start-ups.

But this does not mean that freelancers on the platform will be exclusively block-developers. Project teams also include software developers and web sites, web designers, marketers, PR specialists, copywriters and many other experts in their field, so Payperblock has a place for everyone.

The main feature of the platform is decentralization of all processes, including guaranteed payment for work done and security of payments, low commissions and community voting, resolution of disputes and prevention of their occurrence. All this is achieved through the use of its own blockbuster - PayB Blockchain, as well as PayB Token tokens.

Payperblock customers will be able to pay for completed tasks using Bitcoin and PayB Token. The platform fee for payment with tokens will be 1%, and with the help of BTC - 2%. This move will become a kind of motivation for market participants to purchase tokens within the ICO.

In early August, Pre-ICO starts, in which interested crypto investors will be able to purchase tokens with certain bonuses. Immediately after its end, in September, a public crowdsdale starts, following which the Payperblock team will receive the necessary funds for the further implementation of the project.

We will continue to discuss the features of the project in the next part of the survey - we learn what disadvantages of centralized freelance platforms decided to eliminate the creators of Payperblock.

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