Paid with Crypto (ZEN) in the center of Kyiv with the help of Paytomat

Hi all!
These hard days when price of crypto is falling and most of crypto enthusiasts HODL or buy more crypto, I still decided to spend some. I know it's not right time to spend but I did it to increase the statistics of crypto payments.
Recently I visited Robert Doms Shato in the center of Kyiv and paid with ZEN for coffee thanks to PAYTOMAT which made these payments possible in the variety of businesses not only in Ukraine but worldwide.


0.46666 ZEN is $3.9 right now
As you can see that's not the first time I use ZEN for payment. (I use Paytomat wallet too, but this time I had balance on Coinomi wallet which I installed before Horizen was included into Paytomat wallet)
Last time in October I remember I drank probably 3 or 4 coffees... but still I'm using crypto for payment both to increase statistics of payments and for small educational purposes. I.e. today was the waiter whom I didn't see before, may be new guy, may be it was his first time when he accepted crypto payment. Now he know that crypto usage in general and ZEN usage particular is growing.

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