Pecunio is a decentralized investment platform that focuses on blue-clip blockchain assets with unique value proposition and high performance potential.


The idea of blockchain has opened a whole new chapter of value transfer. Which currencies will stay in place and proof themselves successful, at which price and on base of which business model or technology is yet unclear. What we do know for certain is that cryptocurrencies and crypto assets are definitely a part of the future.

Pecunio’s mission is to open the cryptocurrency market to everyone with a variety of interesting products and services. As a trustworthy company, we encourage blockchain adoption and offer a safe and easy way to take part in the future of financial markets.

They have revolutionized payments, transactions and many other markets and will soon become established as the new standard.



Sign-up is as easy as creating a Facebook Account.

The user signs up to create an account on PECUNIO’s platform by providing an email address, a user name and a password. Upon confirmation via email, a personal wallet is created and he is automatically directed to the user dashboard where he finds an overview of his personal account and holdings.

After successfully transferring cryptocurrencies or central bank money into his account, it is now the user’s choice whether to spend it via the crypto card, exchange it or invest it into PECUNIO’s products.

Every investor has the opportunity to invest into different types of products.

The asset-backed token (PGC), the different fund tokens (PCC, PICO, PAV), as well as the exchange-tradable PECUNIO token (PCO).

Generated value is distributed to investors by the PCO utility token, via a buyback program.


Pecunio is a decentralized investment platform simplifying blockchain investments, backed by a transparent and trustworthy company.

The Blockchain is a foundational innovation like the Internet itself — a major framework empowering applications to be based on it and incentive to be put away and exchanged securely through a straightforward open record. The possibility of a decentralized, worldwide installment connects with minimal effort and settlement time has significant ramifications over the overall monetary framework.

Abstracting far from exclusively the monetary part, the straightforwardness and honesty of information on the Blockchain may change wide businesses and industry principles in zones like record keeping, coordinations, law, personality administration, securities settlement, application advancement and numerous more. Moreover corporate development and administration, resource portrayal, contract and assention organizing, and the conventional manners of thinking related with; each are quickly being tested, addressed, reevaluated, re-drew nearer, and re-organized in light of the start touched off by the idea of the blockchain. We now end up at the front line of an immense flood of development. Around 80% of banks are building up their own blockchain innovation today. This is one of the primary reasons the world’s greatest firms are currently putting into this promising innovation or potentially receiving it also.

Beware of ICO Scams

Many ICOs/token launches lack legitimacy for one of the following reasons:

· Some ICOs are by and large tricks. Their originators just take advantage of the ridiculous measure of “imbecilic cash” that individuals toss into token dispatches. (The “financial specialists” can regularly be individuals who missed the vessel on Bitcoin or potentially Ether, who really don’t comprehend the distinctions in-between the different digital currencies, especially with regards to esteem.)

· Different ICOs are ill-conceived in light of the fact that they are basically an answer without an issue not all things need a decentralized application with its own money. In light of these dangers, a critical arrangement of due industriousness survey must be suggested before getting tied up with a potential ICO.


Free Exchange

We accept fiat money and cryptocurrencies and exchange all major cryptocurrencies, whereas we do not charge any fees on behalf of exchanging currencies on our platform. The Exchange will be directly connected to the user wallets and therefore only charges fees (incl. regular network fee) when cryptocurrencies are removed from the platform. Full functionality of the exchange will be implemented after the ICO.

Cryptocurrency Card

Pecunio’s cryptocurrency card is a prepaid multi-asset debit card, enabling coin and token spending in all fiat currencies around the world without exchange fees. The user will be able to manage assets via the platform, charging the card with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Pecunio and many other cryptocurrencies.

The debit cards come with free choice of name on card and will be valid for 36 months. No matter where in the world you live, you can be a Pecunio cryptocurrency card holder and easily manage your assets via our user-friendly dashboard.


All of our tokens are ERC-20 standard and based on Ethereum; a global, secure decentralized verification network, that enables tokenizing our blockchain funds. The PCO tokens are utility tokens that act as a value transfer. Our PCO tokens come with high liquidity as they are to be traded on public exchanges.


Our reserve administration profits of significant experience from the conventional , and also from the fence subsidize industry. Yielding a decent return is our point as we chip away at making sizeable commissions and crypto profit going ahead. By picking a tokenized venture vehicle, we convey liquidity to the holy messenger and investment showcase, which is generally an exceedingly illiquid condition. Token holders can offer and trade at any given time, making that by itself the most noteworthy development in AC and VC advertises over late decades.

Financial specialists will profit by administrative mastery, expansive enhancement, watchful pre-determination and reallocation of included coins and tokens and progressing hazard administration.


  1. PECUNIO Cryptocurrency Fund (PCC)

PECUNIO Cryptocurrency Fund is a different arrangement of digital currency coins and tokens. PCC is confined to blockchain resources, which are as of now trade exchanged (eg. first Bitcoin, second era altcoins like Ether, Ripple, Litecoin and third era resource tokens like EOS, Tie and Gnosis). The reserve is overseen and (re-)apportioned in light of administrative watchfulness, however confined by a decided arrangement of principles.

PCC speaks to our first item, and was effectively propelled on the notable ICONOMI stage on fourth of October 2017. The enhanced and chance balanced portfolio has a demonstrated reputation with a surpassing execution and can be found not just on our stage:

simple comparison:

Ø BTC price (Bitfinex) October 4th 2017: $ 4309.60 US,

January 10th 2018: $ 14435.00 US = 334.99% increase

Ø ETH price (Bitfinex) October 4th 2017: $ 291.40 US,

January 10th 2018: $ 1284.00 US = 428.28%increase

Ø PCC on October 4th 2017: $ 100 US,

January 10th 2018: $ 433.15 US = 433.15% increase

PECUNIO’s Cryptocurrency fund clearly has the makings to outperform current market developments.


PECUNIO ICO Fund targets blockchain organizations in their pre-ICO furthermore, ICO stage. PICO Fund is confined to blockchain resources, which have a base feasible item, and are in the planning for an ICO occasion. Our administration group will apply broad due tirelessness, to channel powerless market recommendations, unremarkable groups and potential tricks from the extensive rundown. From the short rundown on, we work firmly together with our objective ventures, helping them to direct an ideal lCO dispatch. Speculators in PICO will profit by our industry joins and our investigative qualities to reveal potential misrepresentation plans.


To fund the project and the platform, we conduct a token sale. (ICO/ITO) The ticker symbol for our company token will be PCO. Token sale proceeds as follows.


Our crowdsale will be performed in two stages:

Pre-ICO: February 1st — 21st 2018

ICO: March 19th — April 19th 2018

Bonus stages:

February 1st — 21st 2018: 25% BONUS

March 19th — April 19th 2018: 0% BONUS

Available in ICO: 30,000,000 PCO Full supply: 100,000,000 PCO

Hard-cap: $ 45,000,000 US

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, national bank money \Exchange Rate: 1 PCO = $ 1.5 US Function: Allows buying of funds on platform and acts as value transfer

Architecture: PCO Tokens are Ethereum ERC-20 tokens



20.000.000 of PCO created during the creation event will be allocated to PECUNIO founders

20.000.000 PCO will be allocated to financial backers and early stage supporters

10.000.000 of PCO created during the creation event will be allocated to the company and utilized as a future employee token pool, to strengthen our ability to attract & retail top talent; these tokens will be locked for 12 months

5.000.000 of PCO created during the creation event will be created for and granted to advisors; these tokens will be locked for 3 months

Capital Reserve

15.000.000 of PCO will be credited to the reserve, but not issued. These PCO´s will be available as an additional source of funding, but may never be issued, depending on circumstances in the future.


PECUNIO’s PCO token is a utility token that receives proceeds from three sources: The management-, the performance-, and the ICO fees. The tokens could be confused with a company share, which they are no: They are a digital asset, bearing no intrinsic value by themselves, but the value based on their underlying assets, properties and/or rights.


For more information about the project, reach any of the following channels;







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