19 people who became billionaires without education.

Billionaires without education

Today I want to talk to you about such a necessary component of success as education.As statistics show, the number of people with one, two or even three higher education in Russia is growing.

However, again, the same statistics, and even our eyes "tell" us that diplomas do not solve such issues as: the growth of well - being of people, their satisfaction with life, self-realization, achieving dreams and goals, and not always a red diploma is a green light in life.

On the contrary, "hooligans" (those who studied in twos, slept in pairs or missed them) in many cases, thanks to the developed protection "decide" to negotiate, "spin" (it is better to come up with something than to teach), a certain way to communicate in life become more successful.

It turns out that the samples of science are looking for a job, and "idlers" who know nothing, "have" to open, found a business, companies and hire the first. So it turns out from the side, the fool manages reasonable. Indeed, at present, the market of those who are looking for work is much larger than those that give.

Why so? Higher education has become a certain mania, there is a strong opinion that without education it is impossible to achieve something, although more than 50% of "stamped" bachelors, specialists, masters do not work in the specialty, which means that 4-6 years of LIFE is relatively lost.

Comes the student with knowledge of the big "0" and said: "I have" 4 ". The answer is "for what?"- "Let it be, it may be useful". Around the emphasis is not on education as a source of understanding yourself, some of the necessary processes for you, but on the number in the certificate-a bubble that erodes with the release of the door of the University.

Sometimes people get to the point of absurdity, throw out the tuition fee (tuition fee, accommodation, search and" work solution"), which, when placed on a normal Bank Deposit, would give more than received," desirable " work.

"Live and learn" says the proverb. However, in this case we are talking about self-development, which, unlike the academic, where everything is given with the thought of "a can come in handy", has an applied character. And it is those people who have developed this line to self-education, as a rule, reach the top .

It is worth thinking about, no matter what you do at this stage of life, what you are really interested in , and start to study it, look for people who are masters of this business, make this a hobby, think about how to make money on it - because, perhaps, the meaning of life is to do a thing that turns you on, inspires, gives pleasure and at the same time provides a decent living.

I want to give a list of very famous and successful people who had no academic education, however, through perseverance and self-education, became one of the richest in the world. Here is the list: Steve jobs, bill gates, Larry Ellison, Picasso, Hemingway, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Howard Hughes, Stephen Hawking, Richard Branson, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John Davidson Rockefeller, Paul Allen, Steve Wozniak, Ingvar Kamprad, Francois Pinault, Michael Dell, Ruth Handler, Lillian Vernon, kirk Kerkorian, Ralph Lauren, Sheldon Adelson etc.. .

These people are billionaires that have influenced the development of mankind, who were not even involved in such things as HIGHER EDUCATION! We have all grown up, being firmly convinced that quality education and the opportunity to earn a lot, are directly related to each other.

However, today the examples of numerous billionaires who have not even finished school are quite able to convince us otherwise. Here is in short about some of them:

Thomas Edison

He is the author of numerous important inventions: during the life of the Edison patent and trademark Office in the United States issued his 1093 patents such amount was never received by any one person.

John Davison Rockefeller

The name of Rockefeller became a symbol of wealth, it became a household name. He had a 700-acre Villa and plot on the outskirts of Cleveland, as well as houses in the States of new York, Florida, Maine and a private Golf course in new Jersey. But most of all he loved the Villa, "Pocantico hills" near new York. Rockefeller was proud of his generosity. Considering himself a Christian businessman, he counted 10% of his income to the Church from his childhood. In 1905, this "tithing" amounted to 100 million US dollars.

Bill Gates

"It can be loved or hated, but not ignored," writes fortune magazine edited by John Hugh.

Paul Allen

He resigned from the Board of Directors of Microsoft, retaining the position of chief consultant on strategy, because bill gates will not tolerate in his capacity as an Advisor to anyone other than Allen, friendship with whom continues for the fourth decade ...

Steve Jobs.

Was not the inventor of the first personal computer an Apple, it was invented by Steve Wozniak. However, Steve jobs can be considered his surrogate father, because he brought the idea of the PC into execution. If jobs did not put a maximum of energy and dedication to the commercialization of the project 'Apple-1', the PC may expect a completely different fate.

Steve Wozniak

In 1975 he left the University of California (he will return there later to finish his studies at EECS and in 1986 will receive a bachelor's degree) and appeared with a computer that eventually made him famous. However, in General, he worked to impress the Club members Home Computers, which was located in Palo Alto. He didn't set himself any lofty goal.

Larry Allison.

The founder of Oracle is one of the largest American companies, the developer of database management systems.

Ingvar Kamprad

Started the business from a young age, selling matches to his neighbors. He found that he could buy them cheaply in large quantities in Stockholm, and then sell them retail at a low price and have a good profit. He subsequently sold fish, Christmas decorations, seeds, ballpoint pens and pencils. When he was 17 years old, on the money received from his father as a gift, Ingvar founded the company, which later became IKEA.

Henry Ford

Most Americans believe Henry Ford invented the car. Everyone is sure that Henry Ford invented the conveyor, although 6 years before Ford, a certain Rance olds used moving carts in the production, and belt conveyors have already been used on grain elevators and meat processing plants in Chicago. Ford's credit is that he created the production line. He invented the automotive business. When enterprises became economically organized, there was a need for a Manager. The XX century became the age of governance. But to come to this, at the beginning of the century, the creators had to appear. Henry Ford was such a Creator. And for this he was recognized by Fortune magazine as the best businessman of the XX century.

Richard Branson

British entrepreneur, Founder of virgin Corporation, which includes dozens of different branches: shops selling music CDs, air and railway companies, radio station and publishing house. Branson is known to the General public with their innovative actions, including the creation of his own talk show and repeated attempts to break world speed records. In 2007, according to the London newspaper the Times, his fortune amounted to 3 billion pounds.

François Pinault

One of the richest French (capital - 9.2 billion euros), the head of the group Pinault-Printemps-reduce, which includes numerous Department stores and auction house Christie's, as well as fashion houses Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci.

Michael Dell.

Managers of investment funds are ready to blow away dust from this person. Michael Dell proved by his brilliant example that to achieve financial success it is not necessary to have a diploma of higher education.

Ruth Handler.

This woman gave birth to two children ... doll. Children brought her joy, and doll - money. Today "mother" Barbie-one of the richest and most famous women in the United States. Its company ranks first in the world in terms of turnover of the capital brought down on toys.

Kirk Kerkorian

Almost a legend of Las Vegas: billionaire owns shares of the largest casinos Bellagio, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, New York-New York, Circus Circus, Mirage and so on. Achieving great success in the world of gambling Kerkorian did not prevent the fact that he left school in the 8th grade.

David Geffen

The famous figure of the American entertainment industry, also failed to finish University in Austin. However, this did not prevent Geffen to become a co-founder of the popular Studio DreamWorks, which in the last few years produces one animated hit after another.

Ralph Lauren.

American designer became one of the modern icons of the fashion world. About his intention to become a millionaire Lauren said back in school, where he earned his first money selling ties. Later, Ralph Lauren, leaving the city College of new York, founded his own brand Polo Ralph Lauren, which has become one of the most popular brands in the world of fashion.

Sheldon Adelson.

Another legend of gambling and, concurrently, a former student of the city College of new York, near Lauren did not complete his education. Today Anderson is the Executive Director of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which owns a hotel complex with Venetian resort hotel Casino and Sands Expo & Convention center business center. In addition, Adelson became one of the co-founders of one of the largest computer exhibitions in the United States COMDEX.

Howard Hughes Robards Jr.

American industrialist-entrepreneur, engineer, pioneer and innovator of American aviation, Director, film producer, as well as one of the richest people in the world. It is known for the construction of the Hughes Hercules aircraft (also known as the Spruce goose, although it was made mostly of birch Trees), the ship and the Glomar Explorer project, and to some extent for its eccentric behavior.

Stephen William Hawking

Famous astrophysicist, one of the most influential British scientists, co-author of LHC. According to him, it is known that, as a Professor of mathematics, he has never received any mathematical education since high school. In his first year at Oxford, Hawking read a textbook two weeks ahead of his own students.

Of course, the list of such people can be continued. And, as you can see, not the number of diplomas, the amount of start-up capital do wonders. The conclusion is one: in order to succeed, you need commitment, efficiency, dedication to the cause that you love, and, of course, self-EDUCATION.

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