Pigeon Lake Alberta, Canada

I want to share some photos of the summer before winter arrives in our country.

I took those one day we visited shores of Pigeon Lake. It's quite a big one if you ask me. If you want to know more about it you can always google it.

2013-08-11 01.43.46.jpg

Canadians are true Patriots. They hang a flag on every post they can find. I like that. It's beautiful flag and deserves it.

2013-08-11 00.58.45.jpg

I didn't find a sandy beach on this side of the Lake but that's fine with me. For me the sand is annoying.

2013-08-11 01.03.33.jpg

2013-08-11 01.42.50.jpg

People call them the summer cottages. They look like real houses for some or even castles for others. It's a matter of perspective.

2013-08-11 01.43.07.jpg

2013-08-11 01.43.39.jpg

And even birds have their own.

2013-08-11 01.05.56.jpg

People like to do this. Water is not salty which we can't say for winter roads. Believe me seven months of that it's easy to spot on your car body. So that kind of dive can actually help your vehicle.

2013-08-11 01.35.16.jpg

Maybe I'll show you how it looks like when it's frozen, next time.

Have a great one, my friends.

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