What smells like New Year? didn't you know?

So it's time for my third post. Today I was visiting my parents and there was a real tea party with sandwiches! Long time since not met. And after - pre-New Year Mandarin! Yes, I ate it! Now I have a New Year smack. I want to explain for those who live far from me - in our city about 1 month before the New Year comes, fresh tangerines appear in stores for sale. Mandarins are almost a must-have attribute on the New Year's holiday table .. And even before that, smells from the first eaten mandarin appear, like I have today!

Photographs by the author - made on the smartphone 625 in natural lighting and without photoshop ...

Many thanks to all those who support me and subscribe. I have already begun to study a little economics and mathematics of the site. I already know what a payout window is and I know that it passes in 14 days. But I still have the same questions - how much upvote can I do in 24 hours, so as not to harm my level

Are there any contests or other events that are held on the platform? how often can i participate in them?

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