Pigzbe - digital piggy-wallet for children


In this article, we will touch upon the question of literate investment. It should be said that no major project can achieve any meaningful success without investors and their investments. However, the investor himself expects that his investments will pay off. And here there is such a thing: investors, who do not have much experience, rely on their emotions and intuition, in fact playing roulette, or he somewhere heard something from friends or soc. networks, and decided to invest. But the information may be inaccurate, and sometimes also knowingly false, and this leads to failure. The investor can also resort to the services of drawing up a special strategy, but again, how lucky, after all, people after a couple of successful investments may think of themselves as gurus and start offering their services.

In general, we can see with you a picture of success 50/50, and this is confirmed by statistics. Again, it suggests the roulette. Therefore, I want to bring to your attention a specialized project Pigzbe!

Pigzbe is a part physical and part digital piggy-wallet for children aged 6 and up, powered by Wollo, your child’s first cryptocurrency. Think of Pigzbe as a friendly, tangible financial assistant that will teach children the principles of modern money in an exciting and safe system that harnesses children's natural drive to learn through self-correcting, practical experimentation.


The “Pigzbe experience” includes a digital token, the Pigzbe app, and the Pigzbe hardware device. Together, this experience is designed to replace physical money normally stored in a traditional bank, giving kids and families a digital alternative.

ICO Information:

There will be a total supply of 675 million Wollo tokens (WLO). Of the total supply, 25.9% (175 million tokens) will be distributed during an ICO, 29.6% (200 million) will go to a network growth pool, and 14.8% (100 million) will go to an active user incentive pool. The remaining tokens will be held by the company, split into a founders pool (14.8% or 100 million tokens), a service providers pool (75 million or 11.1%), an M&A pool (1.9% or 12.5 million), a partnerships and advisors pool (1.9% or 12.5 million).

Token Information:

Ticker: WLO
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 175,000,000 WLO

Website: https://pigzbe.com
Telegram: https://t.me/pigzbeico
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pigzbe
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pigzbe/

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