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On this occasion i want to share about application earn btc bonus for daily invest from binance, there is PIVOT.


Pivot is an application that is used to get Bitcoin easily. this application is proven to pay and is very legit guys. for those of you who want to try the admin recommend downloading it right away. You can download this application directly on the Playstore or you can download the latest bitcoin producer pivot application link that is proven legit, Click here !! . Login with your email and download application.

This bitcoin-producing pivot application has been proven to pay and is now widely used by free bitcoin seekers. at the end of this article I will provide a video link proof of payment from one of the Indonesian youtube channels.

How do I get a Power PIVOT?

Open the application and please log in with your Google account. use the google account that you just used.

Here we will collect a lot of Power as our point. collecting these points is quite easy to only need to read and get 200 points from the pivot application. note the picture below

There are 4 ways to get power or points on this pivot as shown in the picture below

Withdrawal and Proof of it

Then you just wait later you will get a bonus from this pivot, you can withdraw it to your wallet after reaching the specified limit. the minimum withdrawal has been stated in the pivot application. The following is the proof of the results of the withdrawal of this pivot application. you can check on the shortcut youtube channel.

So first my article about the Pivot Application (Read and Share for daily BTC bonus). Hopefully it can help friends who want to find free bitcoin. Thank you for visiting my account. Don't forget to follow @reggaecare and upvote this post. If you need to repost this post so that all your friends know this application.

Login Pivot and Download the application here


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