Daily routine - day one - thumbnail exercise

Hello everyone!

I like concept art and concept design but the thing is that I tend to complicate and overdo the small details if I have the chance. I've devised this little challenge/practice/exercise.
My main goal for this exercise was to create a thumbnail, or a set of them, interesting enough to look at and share with you. I wanted to capture something by using only my pencil. I tried to keep it simple and quick as I only had 15-20 minutes during my break.

The image above was my second page which I did after I had to end my break and go install some software/repair two computers. Yes, they interrupted my break and it was a busy day (unusually busy). :)
Anyways, I got back and my line of thought was broken. But I saw a spider when I was going back so that was it. I was inspired.

I started with some "hero" "poses" at first and I can tell you that I felt a bit nervous doing them. I know I have nothing to fear, but mind is a crazy thing to deal with. Somehow I wasn't sure if I would be able to achieve what I have set for myself. Now as I look at those, it's clear that I've done it.

Yes, there are some things I see now that I'd like to change but I'll leave them as they are. I need a lot more practice and I'm actually happy that I've started. I intend to learn and to grow. This exercise is not over yet. I'll do even more of those in the coming days and weeks and I may even expand on it as I've seen some people do. They make small thumbnails, then they make slightly bigger one of the ones they like the most and turn those into a nice concept design pieces. That is my ultimate goal.

This one is my favorite of the day. I imagined two brilliant guys driving mechanized spider and talking about books, innovations and good books like Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, Hobbit, Dune and some other works I've read or I have to read in the future.

All sketches, drawings and photos are my own.

Keep doing what you like and have fun!

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