Daily routine - day two - silhouette dragons

Hello everyone!

I'm still at silhouette thumbnail exercises and I plan to do them more (it may be boring for someone but I'm trying to learn that part of the process - and it also helps with my drawing and being relaxed while drawing). The only difference is that today I decided to do dragons :) I had a theme going and it was planned. I had some images to help me get into creative mode and I can confirm that with practice the flow is more natural and exercise is easy to do.

I also did two spiders just for the sake of it. I can also see the potential of taking all these silhouettes and work over them with fine liner and white/gray colors to make two tone or even three tone or four tone thumbnails and base character design. That makes me very happy :D

Also I would like to take this opportunity and challenge @kristyglas to a drawing duel - a battle of skill, imagination and silliness where each will draw a dragon by hand on paper using traditional art supplies (markers, watercolors, colored pencils and other old school stuff).
The deadline for the duel will be Sunday 11th of November at midnight :)

Do you accept the challenge? :D :)

All sketches, drawings and photos are my own.

Keep doing what you like and have fun!

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