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HUMANCOIN – kindness cryptocurrency

It is authentically unknown when there was a charity. Of course primitive people who conducted hunting for mammoths and desperately fought for survival hardly thought of free aid to other representatives of the human race. But gradually society developed, moral foundations developed, there was such concept as religion and people began to think more of the help poor and weak and not just of personal livelihood and survival.

In the society existing nowadays a big abyss between rich and poor people. That is the wealth is widespread in society unevenly that has also negative effect on health of society and development of the whole nations. Therefore redistribution of resources through charity very positively influences development of society in general. The poor population receives clothes, livelihood, housing, qualitative health care and, directly speaking, chance of normal life!

Statistically every third person at least donates once a year some sum for charity. Nevertheless the industry of charity is at a low level technological development.

Think as often you had a desire to offer even rather small sum but after some thoughts this desire vanished? The causes of a similar situation a set for example because of mistrust to charity foundations which have no original international organizations estimating their work. Desire to send money to charity foundation from other country is exigeant because of need of implementation of cross-border payments and possible problems with supervisory authorities too.

Humancoin seeks to resolve these and many other problems providing to society modern and completely open decision for charity.

Humancoin is the revolutionary peer platform built with use of technologies of a blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Humancoin will contain in itself charity, electronic commerce and earlier mentioned technologies. This platform essentially differs from other platforms for charity. Instead of accepting tokens of HUMA as donation and to transfer them to funds the Humancoin platform actually awards the community with tokens for participation in charity. What do I mean? The point is that after the user has made donation whether it be fiatny money or the cryptocurrency he will receive HUMA tokens in proportion to the donation at the rate of the 2nd to exchange.

How does it work?

The charitable organization, the project or fund submit the completed questionnaire and a package of documents to Humancoin Foundation. After that all applications undergo careful testing and in case of success are placed on the platform. Also on the platform creation of methods of vote and forming of ratings of the charitable organizations and participants of system is planned.

In turn the user to bring donation has to be registered on the platform and undergo verification. Further he will be able to conduct charity with the chosen anonymity degree completely anonymously or opening some information on himself

The convenient desktop of the Humancoin application will allow users to conduct comfortably charity to monitor the transfers and to operate them, to receive reports on other projects and to communicate with representatives of funds or other participants of system by means of the built-in messenger. Also users in case of need will be able to get the relevant documents of the payments made by them reflecting an actual fact on charity before tax and other supervisory authorities.

Humanpool is system which will allow users to distribute their funds on an automatic basis after the settings made by the user between funds with the highest ratings on the basis of vote of community

This decision will allow to distribute competently funds to those users who for some reason have no time or desire independently to choose projects for donations.
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HUMA token
Tokens of HUMA have the status of an award of loyalty and can be used for receiving various bonuses and discounts at partners of Humancoin or are sold at the exchanges. The Humancoin project without effort will be able to unite with the leading services of administration by online stores

Tokens of HUMA don't demand from future partners of change-over of their system and with ease is integrated into the existing decisions. They can be exchanged for points, coupons, tokens, various bonuses and even miles for example in popular tour agencies or airlines. After development of partner network under the auspices of Humancoin Network popularity and therefore the value of tokens of HUMA will grow

Information on ICO

Pre-sale: 01/07/18 - 15/08/18
ICO: 15/09/18 - 01/11/18
Token type: ERC20
Designation: HUMA

— Autor: upbit (u=1174618)

0.102 GOLOS
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