What is plentix?Plentix is a blockchain-based project but aims to balance the economy and spread awards to those who include the program to all participants. Merchants, users, friends, even app developers may receive an award in the form of a discount or a Plentix token. Option to propose ICOs that enable communities to participate in the favorable opportunities of global and overall economic referrals.A decentralized and distributed Blockchain system provides a business and development structure to keep the platform free, at the same time, allowing a large number of developers to build it. Intelligent contract automation to enable plug-and-play programmers easily, with highly supported software enables reduced costs with easy scaling and automation capabilities. Using a distributed infrastructure, Plentix provides programmers and businesses with a collection of APIs and open-source features.Plentix has chosen blockchain as a technology to create solutions. This technology has a number of inherent benefits that give Plentix a benefit – and let the above questions be solved. The main focus point of Blockchain technology that encourages us to adopt it are:A decentralized and distributed ledger – providing a safe and secure system for the referees, providing them the confidence that no company can change records or change the existing system within the company.A decentralized and distributed blockchain system – providing businesses and developers with a structure to keep the platform free while, at the same time, allowing a large number of developers to build it so that the company can survive for many years. 


How does the Plentix stage function:

• Clients can direct and welcome companions to the framework utilizing a simple to-utilize interface. A client who does not as of now utilize Plentix can be welcomed utilizing outsider frameworks. For instance, send a welcome through any informal organization or email, and advise by means of SMS;

• Further, the client is ensured to get a rebate code that enables you to beneficially buy merchandise or administrations from a specific business from whose delegate a welcome was sent. The measure of the rebate and the circumstances it can be utilized are set separately and reflected in the business control board;

• The time interim is additionally set, inside which the rebate code will be substantial, and also the adaptability to change the conditions;

• The commission can be gotten if the welcomed client utilizes his code for a rebate inside a specific timeframe and the built up conditions.

For application engineers, the Plentix stage gives an extensive variety of productive and adaptable conditions for the execution of their tasks. On the Plentix Programming interface, you can compose your own modules, or utilize your own particular or some other outsider application. Thus, designers can alter the application so as to profit by every client cooperation with the endeavor to which the setup was made.

For every business there are helpful variations of referral programs that you can choose on the managerial board in view of your intended interest group and preparation to bring clients benefits. You can settle on a decision toward the Plentix tokens, or give rebates in the store or in some other path in the Web. These choices change contingent upon the qualities of the business and the states of its activity.


The referral program is totally robotized because of the advancements of blocking and the utilization of brilliant contracts. You can control the framework at all its stages, yet this isn't important, in light of the fact that the procedures pass rapidly and totally straightforward.

Plentix is an all inclusive and creative stage that makes an upset in the circle of the referral economy using blocking advancements. An on a very basic level new framework for building programming, for instance, the idea of adaptable modules, enables engineers to lead referral battles considerably more beneficially and effortlessly. The arrival of the PTN's own particular tokens by the stage additionally quickens and improves any sort of referral collaborations. Plentix business agents have the chance to track the advance of their referral program at any phase of it, and furthermore approach one of a kind investigation instruments with a specific end goal to compose later on its more successful and beneficial for themselves and the clients crusade.

Plentix aims to raise approximately $10M in fiat currency. In current rates, that roughly converts to 10,000 ETH. Plentix have also allotted a conversation rate of 1 ETH for 10000 PTNs which brings up circulation and selling of 100 Million PTNs. Plentix supporters and investors will have the option to buy PTNs with Ether at Plentix’s website in pre-ICO and token sale phases and with Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin at major exchanges in future.
PRE-SALE STARTS IN 25days!!!Token Name : PTNs
Pre sale bonus : 30%
Pre sale amount : 3,000,000 USD
Crowd sale amount : 7,000,000 USD
Platform : Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 10000 PTNs
Equity on offer : 60%
Hardcap : 10.000.000 USD
Payment : ETHToken Distribution
Token Sale - 50%
Advisors And Early Investors - 20%
Company Reserve - 15%
Community Development - 10%
Early Investors & Strategic Partners - 5%Fund Distribution
Product Dev & Maintenance - 30%
Business Growth & Dev - 25%
Marketing & Customer Dev - 15%
Reserve - 10%
Operations - 15%
Legal - 5%Roadmap 


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