Plentix project overview: team, advisers, partners

Hello dear friends!
Today we continue reviewing the Pletnix project, talking about the project team members, counsellors and parnters in particular. As you may know, the team plays the most important role in any project development.

The team

The team consist of ten people, every of which is a professional in his sphere. There are blockchain apps developers, marketing specialists, business analysts and many others here. As a result - the project has become extremely popular.

Let's take a closer look at the team:
1. Yashar Topchi – the project director.  Posseses more than ten-year experience in this sphere. Worked for such companies as Cisco and Telstra.
2. Alex Javdanitechran - co-owner. He has the huge IT experience as well. Plus, Alex worked for Microsoft before.
3. Sirius Mogadzian - technical director. Currently there are twenty people in the world who have Cisco certificate, Sirius is one of them. IT experience - more than 15 years. Worked for Accenture.
4. Sasha Blackler - marketing, business development specialist. The most experienced member - 25 years of working in IT. Worked for Accenture and BCG as well.
5. Adrian Wakefield - programmes development specialist. Posseses a science degree in IT and programming. Back-end and front-end development.
6. Masiar Resai  - the second programmer. 15 years of IT experience.
7. Ali Dorri - blockchain structure protection: he's been studying everything about it for the past years.
8. Said Rastegar - the second structure specialist. Posseses a 15-year IT experience. Currently Said studies high speed blockchains and contribute a lot in the platform development.
9. Duncan Malumbe – a company legal counsellor. IT sphere lawyer. Space and telecommunicational law specialist.
10. Gobard Lew - business analyst. Posseses experience in sharers management and communication with investors. Huge Oaktree experience.


Advisors provide faultless moving to creating the most successful blockchain platform. Their experience allows to realize the projects with 100 percent productivity.
1. Steve French - posseses 10-year experience in software development. Worked for Avanade.
2. Ali Ayash - project head engineer. Worked as an engineer for Google and Amazon.
3. Boris Otonikar - economics and psychology. Posseses experience in such companies as CoinLoan and Districts.
4. Stephen Meaham is an enterprise specialist. Took part in two start-ups which have become successful projects. CanYa, one of the most popular ICO in Australia, is one of them.
5. James Scarborrow - psychology professor from Stanford. Possesed experience with cryptocurrency systems and structures.
6. Alex Shifrin - worked in the HOQU commitee of directors, CEO Saatchi&Saatchi in Russia.
7. Giovanni Lesna - co-owner. Adbank company counsellor. He is now at top-40 ICObench people.
8. Brickam Reeks - 15 years of jurisprudence experience. Possesed experience in "Legal experience".


The partners of the project are huge companies who realize that Plentix will succeed. Cooperating with such partners, the blockchain platform proves itself more as an alive and fast-evolving project.


Also, I would like to emphasize every single member and counsellor, because their input is extremely important in this project.. Their wakeful nights of working at the project are already compensated by cooperating with huge companies and businesses, as well as by the popularity of the project. Plentix is well on the way, cause the platform is going to simplify people's lives indeed.

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