Plentix is a multifunctional decentralized platform, as well as a multifunctional application, the basis of which is the block. In the high priority of the platform connection, and, accordingly, the remuneration of the entire contingent of participants in the represented referral system. 

 Mission of Plentix

We want to decentralize and distribute the gains of the referral economy. We have created a flexible technology to spread out the rewards for all participants.
Platform for the Plentix Token

The Plentix token is built over the Ethereum platform and uses the infrastructure of the network for transfers. Therefore, to hold the token, you would need a wallet compatible with the ERC-20 standard for tokens.

 Tokenized Economy and Crypto Currencies 

 Plentix concept diagram
We present Plentix, a modular tokenized platform that aims to brings benefits to the, brands and businesses that sign up. As such, nobody stands to lose, the success of the platform is intimately connected to the success of its users, the growth of its token, and the value created by the ecosystem 


First client of our product is our Token Sale team, now you can enjoy using decentralized Plentix application and get reward in Plentix tokens.
The Plentix ICO
To fund the development of Plentix,we will have an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for Plentix project tokens,hereafter referred to as PTN.An ICO is an event in which a new cryptocurrency project sells part of its cryptocurrency tokens to early adopters and enthusiasts in exchange for funding. 


  • Day 1 - 5% bonus
  • Day 2 – 4% bonus
  • Day 3 – 3% bonus
  • Day 4 – 2% bonus
  • Day 5 – 1% bonus
  • Softcap  :  3,000,000 USD
  • HardCap : 10,000,000 USD

 Plentix Timeline Estimates

  • Phase 1 Mar 2017- Smart contract codes creation and testing
  • Phase 2 Aug 2017- Successful POC and MVP version release
  • Phase 3 Nov 2017- Pilot project with Plentix token sale
  • Phase 4 Mar 2018- Pre-Sale and Crowdsale
  • Phase 5 Jul 2018- Platform Development & Solidarity (focus on platform launch, Social Integrations, API Integrations) - beta test version release
  • Phase 6 Nov 2018- Platform Advancement and final release (Sales system Integrations & Additional Advancement)
  • Phase 7 May 2019- Further Expansion

Plentix is one-stop innovative platform that disrupts the referral economy using state-of-the-art blockchain technology. It leverages new software architecture concepts such as configurable modules to enable developers to use Plentix’s open source API to design and launch their own admin panels to better manage referral campaigns - via blockchain technology.
Plentix also represents a tokenized economy entry. Plentix’s tokens (PTN’s) are issued to investors. These tokens can be redeemed and used on the Plentix platform to accelerate referral interactions. Businesses that onboard the platform will have full visibility and traceability of their referrer’s journey and have access to a full suite of analytics to support them with future campaign planning. 
Plentix is well positioned to bring new and fresh thinking in the referral economy and incentivized referrers, referees and business to work in sync for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.  


 Plentix aims to raise approximately $10M in fiat currency. In today’s market rates that translates to roughly 10,000 Ethereums (ETH). Plentix also designates a conversation rate of 1 ETH for 10000 PTNs. So Plentix will circulate and intend to sell 100 Million PTNs. Plentix supporters and investors will have the option to buy PTNs with Ether at Plentix’s website in pre-ICO and token sale phases and with Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin at major exchanges in future.

 Plentix also do not allow discount aggregates, or discounts to carry on from week to week. Plentix reserve the right to end the sale if all PTNs are sold before the designated end of the ICO. Plentix plan to burn the unsold PTNs. However, to ensure Plentix have minimum resources to run the project and deliver Plentix will reconsider our position in the unlikely event that Plentix fail to sell at least 70% of the PTNs available. 



AUTHOR :  OneTiMme;u=1724448 


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