In the shoes of a woman who suffers 💔


Honey, the Sweet name at first sight
Quinine, the next term at the birth of plight
Like their heels
Her trouble creeps
When the desired affection
Turns dejection
And she grows cold
One who once was bold

Sentiments, her garments
Become her creed as she daily laments for the inhuman treatment
That birth her predicament
But who hears her
And who even cares
Even her tears, to them
Becomes a mess

One thing, often not seen
Is that her real beauty is within
And not in her make up
And her strength, deepened
When we help them up

Efo Kwadjo Mawugbe made it clear
In the chest of a woman doesn't only lie her breast
But an earnest desire for power
Yes! In a woman Lies power
A strong tower with fire
For long have we put her in prison
And given her that emotional poison

But lo! Now comes the season
To hear out her feeling
But for the woman
Man would still lie in her bewildering omen
And till all know and stick to this say
Life would ever be in disarray

Efo Kwadjo Mawugbe was a Ghanaian poet and writer.

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