Investment in Love

I find you and the best moments in my mind, you are far from material games in a crazy world. Happiness shows the way to your lips of wisdom, you are an ideal chance of the king's passion. I am expecting the best oases in the forests of wild energy, you are the natural power that comes with the rivers of information.

Successful kisses on the dopamine winds come to a great change of consciousness, find the strength at the depth of emotions that are the pure vibration of the cosmos. Run your will on the throne of success, touch the stars with the eyes of sincerity.

Entertainment finds silence in a romantic night, the adventure raises the spirit to the next level of challenge. Enjoying the moments of glory at the Lake of Happiness, you have left great signs on the lighthouse. Your tenderness turns into faults in virtue, excitement grows to heavenly heights.

We play with the child's smile, we build the future on the honour and morality of digital ecstasies. Transfer of power passes through the tunnels of interest into the hands of rich sages, we go to the top of mountain wisdom.

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