Hello steemians, it is yet another day. So I have gotten back to my usual photography with poetry infused. So a lot of people have been asking me question about it, alot of questions. So let me cut to the chase here. I love photography, I take pictures of nature and all its beauty. But then I thought to my self, I wouldn't just drop my photo and leave, I'd say something about it. So I figured out I could write poems about them. I love poems, I read them sometimes, even though I might not be so good at writing them, when ever I do they help me to express how I feel just how photography does and I figured if I continued I'd get better at writing them. I haven't been taken much pictures lately, I guess school work has been pretty much but I'd share a couple of my photos every week, so y'all stay tuned.


The joy of life, the happiness of getting a wife,
My love for you, cannot be more true,
My heart beats fast, I am aghast.

You say no to me, you say let me be,
Your words sting like a bee, I am burnt to maximum degree.

Love can be deceptive, but mine is receceptive.
Love can be demeaning, but mine is elating.
Love can be blind, but mine can see through the mind.
Love can be difficult, but mine would exult.

I once felt love, I was rejected.
I once had a beloved, but I was dejected.
I once felt hope, it was so hard j couldn't cope.

She was this elegant damsel that my heart would race anytime she was withing. My soul would announce the presence of a comforting partner. My body would shiver to awaken all my senses. I ears would be joyful at the sweet melody of your voice. My lips would wish they could merge with her fluffy lips.

She was like an angel, so angelic,
She was my archangel, everything was like magic.
She was like a queen, so majestic,
She was so clean, like the Pacific

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Steven Onyejekwe

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