PONZI TRUST. Life is a game!

 Each idea whatever absurd it was has the right for life or realization. Such examples set. The main thing — how many the attention puts mankind in it or what demand for this idea. PONZITRUST will create the demand giving in a game 5% a day for those coins which you will bring in a game. Whether there will be on it a demand? Undoubtedly.

It is possible to play PONZITRUST in two ways:

• as in casino — it is necessary to have counters (in this case their digital tokens or coins) and to send them to a game in which they will earn from the first stage the 5% a day;

• having coins to trade in them, reselling to other players, at the same time counters can exchange and be on sale without participation in a game.

Then a question — where to take coins (or it is more correct — digital tokens of the ERC20 standard)?

Of course, to buy, but I such suspicious to all it is not ready to spend “” for something unclear. Then other way — to earn in PONZITRUST. In the period of ICO (Initial Coin Offering — preliminary placements of coins) the project conducts a so-called campaign Bounty where, for performance of simple tasks (to join in social networks and chats), contains coins FREE OF CHARGE! We visit the website PONZITRUST in the section Bounty, we read, we carry out, we receive coins. And yes it will cost the main thing — how many it is possible to receive!? Own example — joined in Facebook, YouTube, VKontakte and Telegrams. Received — 25 coins. For today at the rate of 1 coin — $2.03 = $50.75. By the end of ICO (1.08.2018) a coin it is predicted will grow in price still four times 50,75х4 = $203. And there is more to come — the course of a token is tied to a rate of digital currency Ethereum which can grow in price by then twice, and even three times. So, about 400. Ha, I have in a family two more who can duplicate me +800 = $1200 too. And if it was all… Yes, it in the long term, but agree — invitingly and without any risk.

In business everyone risks constantly and I do not see a special difference where to earn — the street, shop, the Internet or a pyramid. The main thing — the idea and strategy. I will tell more, it is even safer to play PONZITRUST, than in business of “the certain states” because their rules “games” can exchange at any time, and — are registered in PONZI once and forever.

... And even what we consider a game actually only illusion.

Web site: https://ponzitrust.com

Facebooke page: https://www.facebook.com/PonziTrustPyramid

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PonziTrustGame

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Author: sestan

Telegram: @serbychua

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