Lovelace slept with 6000 women and died during sex

A well-known Italian playboy claimed that his record was sex with 207 women for the holiday season.   Italian playboy Maurizio Zanfanti Rex Shutterstock Known in Italy, the playboy Maurizio Zanfanti died in bed during sex. This is reported by Metro.

A man known in the country under the nickname Romeo from Rimini. It was attached to him because he was famous for his sexual activity in the Italian resort town of Ramini. Playboy claimed that he slept with six thousand women for his life. If you believe his words that 6001 mistress, a 23-year-old tourist from Europe, was his last. The man died during sex at the age of 63 from a heart attack. Friends of the deceased said that he dreamed of such a death. Look at the photo gallery: Lovelace slept with 6000 women and died during sex Zanfanti began his career as a playboy at the age of 17. According to him, he made for the city of Ramini more than hundreds of travel agencies. On the eve of the 19-year-old Briton put up for auction her virginity for 1.4 million dollars. Also, the correspondent wrote that the disgruntled "mine" of party girls was ridiculed on the web

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