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With the recent boom of ICOs, it became progressively troublesome to choose which comes would be price investment in. every single project guarantees large returns and rewards to potential investors. this article can discuss regarding the ProBit Token (PROB) and the way it's used as a utility token of ProBit Exchange, a replacement and innovative digital quality exchange set to launch by the tip of November. we'll bite on the most points that produce ProBit Exchange distinctive and the way to get it.

What is ProBit Token?
The ProBit Token (PROB) is the utility token of ProBit Exchange. As a utility token, PROB provides users of the exchange with varied edges like trading fee discounts, pick rights for a listing of recent tokens, increased referral bonus and early access to new options.
20,000,000 ProBit Tokens were assigned for the non-public sale, pre-sale & IEO events. once the initial section, the trade mining section can start. within the trade mining section, once a trade dealing is completed, each the takers square measure rewarded with ProBit tokens with associate quantity comparable to a share of the mercantilism fee of the dealing.
Benefits like mercantilism fee discounts and referral bonuses are rewarded to users of the exchange reckoning on the number of their PROB holding. mercantilism fee discounts vary from 10-50% of the mercantilism fee. Referral bonuses (reward given upon referring another user) vary from 10-20% of the mercantilism fee.
Additionally, ProBit features a Buy-Back program to buy-back ProBit tokens on the exchange. The buy-back tokens are used as a contingency reserve that may operate as an associate insurance fund.

What is ProBit Exchange?
ProBit Exchange could be a digital currency exchange poised to make waves within the cryptocurrency market. ProBit seeks to differentiate itself from alternative exchanges by being the foremost international, skilled and secured marketplace for digital assets.
The main options of the exchange Include a high playacting matching engine with process capability of one.5 million transactions per second, superior security through FIDO U2F hardware security key support, absolutely customizable dashboard and teeming coins pairs (150+ currencies able to be listed). of these distinctive options guarantee to produce traders with world category mercantilism expertise.

Why ought to I get the ProBit Token?
Funds raised throughout the sales of ProBit Token are utilized to create the ProBit Exchange platform. PROB can function the backbone for building the ProBit system consisting of a C2C exchange, rescript exchanges and ICO platform.
How am I able to purchase the ProBit Token?
ProBit Exchange is holding a Pre-Sale event for the ProBit Token (PROB) beginning on day till November twenty-eight, 2018. throughout the Pre-Sale amount, participants can get a tenth Bonus for each ProBit token (PROB) that they purchase. Please observe that the minimum purchase quantity is a hundred USD. to create a procurement

ProBit differentiates itself from other exchanges by building an advanced platform that is most global, professional and secured. Find out more about ProBit’s unique features below:
Top Performance
Superior Security
Trading Environment
Wide Array of Coins & Trading Pairs
Coverage & Support
ProBit Utility Token (PROB)
Abundant Liquidity
Trading Fee Discounts
Referral Bonuses

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ProBit is holding a Pre-Sale Event of ProBit Tokens (PROB) from November 5 to 28. ProBit Tokens are available at a 10% bonus during this period. Learn more about PROB at


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