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Swiss Alps Energy - Ico Review

About the project

Welcome my dear readers. Today I want to introduce you to a very interesting project.And so meet. The guys are mining and fighting for the environment, and here’s what they offer:

Communities around the world are experiencing problems with mining cryptographic currencies, and blockchain-based business applications! In the Swiss Alps, there is the same restriction with this. Swiss Alps Energy AG provides a decentralized chain

infrastructure and mining enterprises, renewable energy sing their technology, energy consumption decreased by 50%. I mean, bad energy. They launched an ICO in order to use it for financing, development and expansion of the mining industry and the acquisition of holdings

at hydroelectric power stations. Sam token will be used as a means of payment, as well as will be traded on all decentralized exchanges! For mining, they use a modular system of cubes, it allows environmentally and efficiently use and extract minerals!

Swiss Alps Energy AG is the world’s first company that uses the ORC system to extract energy from waste heat from mountain facilities. Therefore, SAE offers an effective solution to the global mining problem.

The cubes are located at high altitude, which facilitates the process of energy recovery as the height of the boiling point of the water decreases. The Orc system uses the waste heat that is generated by the mining process in order to recover the energy as the height decreases

the boiling point of water. No additional air conditioning systems are needed. Swiss Alps Energy AG is the world’s first company that uses the ORC system to extract energy from waste heat from mountain facilities. The decentralized distribution of the various facilities allows SAE to offer equally decentralized hosting to an individual blockchain company and allows

SAM platform

This platform establishes SAM wallets that are very compatible with exchanging existing tokens and allows easy withdrawal and purchase of tokens. Users who have held SAM tokens are very good at using other ERC20-compliant wallets, and they can connect to platforms via web, desktop and mobile devices. They can also invest their SAM coins on the SAE platform to lease mining power and cryptocurrency such as BTC and ETH etc.

SAE Concept

Swiss Alps Energy AG which provides the foundation for many future-oriented applications of custody and transfer financial assets, product tracking through blockchain and IoT in logistics and transportation endeavors to:

• Advance blockchain innovation and its uses to a more extensive open

• Address ecological issues cognate with crypto mining around the world

• Give customers/outsiders the decentralized substratum to develeop their own particular blockchain-predicated activities

• be a puissance provider utilizing the conveyed record innovation

• Bolster the nearby economy in Switzerland snowcapped zones and inspirit the advanced vicissitude in these zones

How the Ecosystem Works

SAM Cubes

The flexible and modular mining cubes provide cutting-edge automation and require little maintenance. In addition to highly efficient ventilation units, an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system is in the project phase. ORC systems use the waste heat of industrial processes (through a downstream steam power process) to generate electricity and thus use the waste heat generated by the mining process to recover energy. SAM Cubes are located at a high altitude and a therefore lowered boiling point of water, which facilitates this process.

The cubes are self-contained and operate autonomously. For extensive maintenance and monitoring, each cube communicates with the central management platform that monitors the cubes and assigns to each cube the optimal parameter to maximize mining for maximum profit.

SAM Power Plants

By means of direct participation in or the purchase of green power plants such as hydropower plants, photovoltaic systems and wind power plants, SAE does not buy but produce the sustainable and cost-efficient power to operate the SAM Cubes. These power-generating units are the so-called SAM Power Plants. The energy produced is delivered to SAE’s own cubes or halls, which end users/miners can also equip with their own miners. Due to problematic cooling and noise emissions of mining facilities, the demand for suitable premises and electricity is high. SAM can lease both premises and electricity to competitors.

SAM Centers

In each alpine area where Swiss Alps Energy AG is going to be operating cubes, a branch office will be installed; the so-called SAM Centers. This ensures that in addition to the benefits from the protection of cultural assets, the local municipalities may profit from tax revenues.

What is more, for on-site services such as on-call duty and security, local talents will be recruited and trained for deployment. The SAM Centers promote the economic viability of the respective community and may have a lasting positive impact on other sectors.

The SAM Token and ICO

SAM Platform will provide Sam’s wallet that is fully compatible with existing exchange tokens and which makes it easy to pick up and buy tokens. The SAM token (Sam) is an ERC20 token which can be utilized as a methods for installment inside the SAE mining and administration macrocosm and will be tradable outside the SAM stage on every single applicable trade. The Sam coins can invested on the SAE platform for mining leasing and crypto-producing currencies such as BTC, ETH, DASH, etc.

The Swiss Alps Energy AG launched an initial coin offer (ICO) in May 2018. Funds raised in the ICO will be used to finance the development and expansion of mining facilities and acquisition of ownership of hydroelectric power plants.

The Roadmap

October 2017 – Start working

February 2018 – Rent the first building

February 2018 – Establishment of AG

February – March 2018 – Running the First Cube

May 2018 – Press conference

June 2018 – Start ICO

March – October 2018 – Development of SAM Mining Pool & SAM Platform

Early May 2018 – Private ICO Sales

July 2018 – start cube production further

July 2018 – start developing KYC / AML solutions

July-August 2018 – further building rental

September 2018 – First Cloud Mining Commissioning and Leasing

End of 2018 – purchase of First Power Plant

End of 2018 – sell Cubes

Early 2019 – Power Production

January 2019 – First launch of SAMCC SAM solution

Early 2019 – SAM edge nodes and blockchain solutions

February 2019 – Provider of the Blockchain PaaS

March 2019 – Application Ecosystem for Customers

March 2019 – Expanding the purchase of power plants

April 2019 – Expand sales of SAM Cubes & ORC Systems worldwide

July 2019 – Energy supplier in DLT.

Our team

Gian-Carlo Collenberg – Founder & CEO

Ramon Simon – Founder & CFO

Mike Rava – Founder & CMO

King of Yogarajah – Founder & CTO

Gnana Yogarajah – Founder & CTO

Christian Giger – Head of mining mining construction

Pascale Uccella – Head of Human Resources

Santosh Kumar – Blockchain Developer

Navjeet Kumar – Developer Fullstack

Ankur Dharwal – Blockchain developer

Robert Crisis – Blockchain developer

Goutham Krishna – Blockchain developer

Ajay Parmar – Front-end developer

Divy Trivedi – Supporter

Karan Ahuja – Blockchain developer

Sanjay Jaiswa – Back-end developer

Arnav Chaudhary – fullstack developer with loT-focus

Hinal Suthar – Developer Fullstack

Hitesh Trivedi – Developer Fullstack

Shital Prajapati – Developer Fullstack

Sonal Parekh – Designer

Himanshu Phogat – Back-end developer

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