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SpringRole is a decentralized network with proven information of a professional user profile. The information of each profile can be divided into education, work experience and skills. Education and work experience will be checked by relevant institutions, skills will be approved by other users. Acquiring skills will not be free, at the same time, approved people can accept or reject this approval. The aim of the project is to increase trust between companies and people, in which the user's verified personal data will be posted, as well as their professional profile. All the user's experience gained over the years will be checked and fixed in his own blockchain, without the possibility of changing them. SpringRole is practically the same social network. But this network has the main feature - the user profile is considered active only when it passes all the verification, the information specified by it. If it is true, it will be available to potential partners, employers.

The advantages of the project:

  • Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, the information remains unchanged. The system works transparently.
  • Thanks to the audit, HR companies do not need to check all the information.
  • The platform provides an opportunity to search for freelancers and freelance work.
  • Ease of conducting surveys.
  • Preventing fraudulent cases in the Spring network.

Use of the project:

  • Universities. They can confirm the user, his / her degree, duration, courses and other information related to education. Universities can post alumni lists to facilitate the confirmation procedure.
  • Companies will check their former employees, their work and skills, the period of employment and other information.
  • Course providers can confirm that users have completed their courses.
  • Exam providers, such as third-party services, can check users and their scores on the exams they passed.
  • Individuals will be able to approve other members for a particular skill. Professors can confirm that their students worked on projects.

ICO Terms and Conditions:

Name of the tokens: SPRING
Standart: erc20
Total number of tokens released: 10 000 000 000 SPRING
Number of tokens for ICO sale: 2 550 000 000 SPRING
Public Pre-Sale round: 01.06.2018-15.06.2018
Minimum contribution: 2 ETH
Maximum contribution: 500 ETH
The price of the token: 1 SPRING = 0,00002 ETH
Public Pre-Sale round: 01.07.2018-31.07.2018
Soft Cap: $ 1 000 000
Hard Cap: $ 12 000 000

Road map:





SpringRole hopes to shorten the average conversation period, eliminate costs associated with traditional hiring processes, and losses caused by poor hiring processes. SpringRole is driven by a mission that wants to ensure the transparency and effectiveness of the recruitment process, and they hope to take full advantage of the blockchain for employment. All these tasks speak about the seriousness of the project. If the team implements the planned ideas, then will be good prospects.

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More information can be found here:

Website | Whitepaper | ANN Thread | Bounty Thread | Reddit | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram


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