Кто там ждет СОЛА??? )))

Due to a very high load on Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains that results in a longer transaction confirmation time and a lot of requests we are extending the token sale until 2 PM UTC, December 25, 2017.

Purchased tokens will be distributed under the smart contract on December 26, 2017. You will see them in your ETH wallet specified in the purchase order. At the same time, SOL will be available on OpenLedger DEX and will follow on Etherdelta, in a few days.

IMPORTANT: We strongly advise you to double-check the ETH wallet which you specify to receive your purchased SOL tokens in. IT SHOULDN’T be an exchange wallet. All SOL sent to such wallets will be lost with no opportunity to recover, and we won’t be able to help you. Please contact us immediately if you need to make changes in your order.

Чую грандиозное кидалово ))

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