Stand up tall, or just half way??

November sucks donkey balls. There I said it, I am glad it is over with

Not just this year, but actually almost every year. It has a tremendous ability of being fully useless. It is like a month heading on the road towards nowhere. The weather always sucks (now I remember to the fullest why I escaped to a palm tree island all that time), and there aren’t really any days in there that are worth mentioning. (okay, okay, fair enough Steemfest and my Holland trip were one big highlight, but that already seems long forgotten)

Luckily December with its lights and get togethers started, which actually DOES help. Secretly sometimes I think Christmas was just made up with by modern man to put up lights in the dark days in winter to prevent people from having a depression (ssssst, dont tell anyone).

It is like November stands only half tall, like these palmtrees. They are there, but actually they aren’t.


I haven’t been feeling too fresh since I got back in Switzerland and that in combination with an endless amount of nightshift is reflecting on my mood. Don’t get me wrong...I love working nights because it gives so many day options. But if you are either not feeling fit and taking extra recovery time, or it is raining cats and dogs outside which holds you back from all kinds of mountain fun, you start to feel like a little vampire.

I’m being annoyingly offensive to people and it is just a matter of time before somebody will throw a pie in my face or slap me to cut it out


So if I did anything to offend you, it was my November-hatred-Karin speaking, and not me. Sorrynotsorry!! I will be my old self again when the snow arrives and I can play outside!

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