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On the platform the own token under the name PTON will be used. His authors of content and ordinary users of the platform will receive in the form of remuneration behind the participation in development of this platform. The token is made on Ethereum blockchain. In total 24 billion tokens will be produced. 9,6 billion are allocated for ico.

The idea of social networks soared in air long before emergence of the Internet. The Russian writer and the philosopher Vladimir Fedorovich Odoevsky predicted creation something similar in the works!

Time has come and it happened all of us participants of the global Internet and our online interaction with each other happens by means of communication in social networks

Practically each person has the account in some social network.

Only one Facebook totals more than 2 billion users today.

Certainly, the human capital can always be transformed to monetary. And has occurred.

Now it is difficult to tell for what social networks, for communication of people or for enrichment of their creators were created

Nevertheless it is possible to claim safely that all income from advertizing on social networks goes to their owners

Whether it is honest?

Really creators of content don't maintain the interest of users in social network. Unless not they provide that precious deduction

The matter soared in air from appearance of the first content makers. The answer, by the way, occurs very quickly – No

Authors have the right for a part of income from advertizing but don't receive not one $.

This problem was relevant long time.

The solution has been proposed by the Foresting company.

Do you conduct media activity – you are engaged in writing articles, video production perhaps you have the blog?

With Foresting you can monetize the content being worldwide. All you need to do is it to be connected to the UX/UI platform from Foresting. Now production of content will become quicker and the level of income of the creator is higher. Everyone will be able to become a part of a new ecosystem of social network of the Forestin company

Now advertizing revenues share between founders of social network and authors of content

The audience will be able to support favourite content not only likes, but real money. This magnificent decision

Remember what occurs today on YouTube that people had an opportunity to thank the author of video the blogger is forced to give requisites of the cards in the description. Besides that it deprives of him a certain financial anonymity it also brings some ambiguity concerning that what product was pleasant to a donater. With Foresting the blogger will be able to keep anonymity of the bank accounts - malefactors won't be able to carry out dirty attacks, as blocking of cards of the blogger and also to see for what type of content or a concrete roller the donater has expressed gratitude

Foresting tries to support creative people. There is a motto which they publish on the website: "Work four hours a day, you share and operate the life". It is fine the people doing content, improve leisure to all members of society so their welfare on a straight line influences quality of leisure of all society

In the conclusion I want to tell that the company has very big ambitions and with such team I don't doubt that they will make one of the best social networks. They introduce in her technologies of a blockchain and as we know technology a blockchain is what does our world more open and honest. Actually at the moment they have not so many competitors who have shown such good results on ICO. Also they have many pluses which put them in leaders among these projects.

Foresting Bank is virtual bank which will provide to users of network various financial services: storage, transactions, formation of credit rating of users. Undertakes all financial component of Foresting Bank in order that you had more time but receiving pleasure from use of the platform and creations of content.
Foresting Lab it will be some kind of workshop on creation of content, Foresting lab will include a number of tools for competent creation, advance and distribution of content. For example to the creative person who is eager to create creating content, all professional tools with which he without effort will cope will be presented for this purpose even without having at the same time any experience as they say there would be desire
The main thesis of the company is "Work 4 hours a day, share every moment and operate the life together with Foresting!"
It means to me that the Foresting team seeks to introduce in your life financial independence of which so is not enough for many people today it is certainly good and kind mission directed to improve quality of life of people indicates this fact as well that the token is called PTON that in abbreviated form from Phytoncide - the substance emitted by plants in the wood capable to suppress a stress at the person.
The token a sale of the project was graduated 21.09.2018 made 1ETH - 13,000 PTON but you should not be upset, shortly the Foresting team announces the exchanges and you will be able to get tokens there or to become the user of Foresting and to earn tokens creating content!!!


Some features of the Foresting platform

The built-in function of tracking in real time cryptocurrency quotations at the main exchanges and a possibility of trade on them;

In total tokens of PTON having the ERC-20 standard will be released.
40% of all quantity of tokens will go for sale, i.e. - 9 600 000 000 PTON.
Tokens are based on a blockchain of an efirium.
For purchase of tokens only Efirium the minimum sum of purchase from 1ETH is accepted.
For investors it is necessary to undergo the KYC procedure.

The project cooperates with a large number of large and known corporations in the sphere of cryptotrade, media, investments!



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