Welcome my dear readers. With this review, I want to open the doors to the world of cryptocurrency bitcoin market does not stand still, and is constantly in search of advanced technologies and the emergence of cryptocurrency and modern blockchain technology has updated the market's capabilities, which brought users a huge number of advantages. This technology provides a huge speed of information transfer, comfortable service of many objects, including Finance, marketing, advertising, industry. To ensure its security, the technology has created wallets that provide storage of virtual currency, with which all interactions within the blockchain take place, without the influence of intermediaries, with the guarantee of preserving the user's personal data. But together with the positive aspects, the blockchain also has negative ones, which prevent it from spreading everywhere. And to solve all the urgent problems of the blockchain platforms, a new Protocol has appeared, a decentralized platform Quickx.

When using the new platform Quickx, users are provided with new opportunities in the lightning-fast execution of any transactions that are engaged in the transfer of cryptocurrency. The platform uses its multi-currency wallet, debit card and payment gateway. The Quickx Protocol enables users to conduct transactions that are able to replace the traditional banking system. Using a multi-currency wallet, you can safely store any coins and tokens, and even Fiat currencies, and on this basis, the calculation is made by cryptocurrency for purchased goods. The service occurs instantly, where at the time of payment, the exchange of cryptocurrencies for money is carried out. The gateway on the platform is used to accept payments in cryptocurrency.
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The Quickx platform has many new advantages that give It the right to exist among many modern developments. One of the main advantages provided by the platform is a high level of speed and a significant reduction in the timing of transactions, which allows users to do their current business without worrying about the process, because it takes only a few seconds. Another of the main advantages of the platform is the production of all kinds of transactions at a very low cost. The absence of intermediaries who overcharge and force users to overpay, gives them the opportunity not only to save money, but also at the speed of transactions, and even save money. And another advantage of the platform is its scalability. There are no restrictions in the number of transactions on the platform, it is positively estimated by customers.
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To simplify security methods, the project uses cutting-edge solutions with the help of Secugenius. It is a unique and advanced security service. Secugenius, a structure that has become the goal of a large pool of knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of security and protection. And it is necessary to become an assistant in the creation of stable schemes and security algorithms.

Quickx project has great potential in the marketing solution. After all, bitcoin is still the leading cryptocurrency of the market. But other cryptocurrencies to quickly move market share bicton. With the advent of the Ethereum market, the capitalization of bitcoin has decreased. In connection with the increase of crypto-currencies and their market capitalization increases the need and demand for cross-chain transfers.

Quickx release QCX token, to assemble as possible, the amount of funds for the development of the platform Quickx. The token must be present on all exchanges for trading after the ICO. The QCX token will be used as fuel for each transaction that is conducted on the Quickx platform. All transactions conducted using the platform Quickx require that QCX token paid as fees per transaction.

The Quickx platform provides users with the ability to make very fast transactions, while producing thousands of transactions per second and all the costs associated with the use of the platform is quite low. Quickx overcomes all the shortcomings of the payment system in the chain. Quickx, is a reliable and efficient platform that helps users with the support necessary to conduct transactions. An international team of developers of the project Quickx very well known for his work in cyber-security in information networks. And the project developed by them is effective and available at present. This is a platform where each user will be able to use a wide range of payment services using cryptocurrency. The prospect of the project is huge and gives hope for its widespread use in the cryptocurrency market.

Website - www.quickx.io
Whitepaper - https://www.quickx.io/whitepaper/QuickXProtocolv1.7.pdf
Technical Whitepaper - https://www.quickx.io/whitepaper/quickx-technical-paper.pdf
One pager - https://www.quickx.io/whitepaper/One-pager.pdf
FAQ - https://www.quickx.io/faq
Facebook: https://facebook.com/quickxprotocol
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quickxprotocol
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/u/quickxprotocol
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/quickx/
Telegram: https://t.me/quickxprotocol

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