Welcome my dear readers. Today I have prepared for you a review of the new project. In this review we will review the main strengths of the project and its prospects.QUIO is a currency based on blockchain decentralization made to ensure Your transaction is quick, safe, and personal while upholding the ideal QUIO to create an ecosystem that is user friendly.

With Bitcoin - a new era for financial management has been started.
For the first time, people get back the power to manage their property in their own hands, to monitor how resources are distributed and to rescue the economy from the control of a handful of people.
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Today, both professionals and the general public have received the great idea behind the blockchain technology, and cryptobase growing with the speed faster and faster.
The Era of cryptocurrency is one of the changes of the world economy.
A feat that was not previously possible - to transfer money globally in an instant - now not only possible, but safer, cheaper and easier than ever before.
The potential that lies within the blockchain is a technology that big and change the world but do not have the scalability and the decentralization of the right

QUIO is a currency-based block decentralization made to ensure Your transaction is quick, safe, and personal while upholding the ideal QUIO to create an ecosystem that is user friendly.
Without fluctuations in the blockchain
How to overcome the problem of Volatility and Liquidity in the Cryptocurrency is one of the biggest challenges in the cryptosphere.

QUIO aims to solve that problem by utilizing the mechanism of the note conversion.

No transactions
the cost of
QUIO will combine Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) to completely eliminate the network transaction fee.

the identity of the
QUIO will utilize technology privacy zkSNARKs to hide specific metadata and ensure the privacy of our users.
QUIO process transactions at lightning speed while still ensuring the anonymity of our user base

Keuntuungan Quio

The advantage to the Buyer

Wake Up A Portfolio!
Use the Coins QUIO You to create a unique portfolio with the push of a button!

Generate Coins QUIO!
Generate Coins QUIO by completing tasks and challenges daily.

Get early access!
Participants of the ICO get early access exclusive to the Secure Wallet QUIO us!

Advantages to the User

Gifts & Products Daily!
We want to give awards to Users of our Apps to have a gift check in every day to show our appreciation!

Promote Innovation!
Got a great Idea? Publish in QUAC Plattform us to raise funds for Your project!

Constant Development!
Continue to follow the many great things other than QUIO Team!

Discount the Time Line QUIO

Round 1
Presale Private
1 ETH = 26.000 Level Token QUIO
$ 2,000,000 for the Hard cap

-25% Round 2
9 November - 1 December
1 ETH = 13.000 Level Token QUIO
$ 8.000.000 Hard cap

-15% of Round 3
TBA 2019
1 ETH = 7.600 Level Token QUIO
$ 2,000,000 for the Hard cap

Team Quio

Jennifer Hartmann
Lead Product Manager
Big Mama.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
Steven Yuen
CEO, Marketing VP
Man 24/7 in the office.

Christopher Mortensen
Architect Blockchain
Beardy McBeard on the left there!

Anthony Kalou
Co-Founder, CMO
Crazy eyes McTooTightPants is here!

Our Advisers

Eddine Azaizi
Adviser To The Blockchain

Eric Kristzky
Financial advisor

More Info:
Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1725951

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