Qurrex -modernized exchange of currencies

Along with the growth of the crypto currency market, more sites are created for trading with crypto currency, where the user has the opportunity to exchange tokens with favorable terms. This area still contains some shortcomings that require immediate attention, it is the influence of the fact that this niche was created relatively recently and requires the elimination of certain problems.
This list includes:

  • poor speed in conducting transactions;
  • lack of necessary protection;
  • theft of funds - the dissemination of information in the media.

Qurrex is a platform with prospects for bringing trade to new, high levels. In the case of the project, during the purchase and sale of the tokens, the system user will be able to detect the most profitable bids within a couple of seconds + the service promises to eliminate the liquidity problem.

Platform Features

Qurrex - a multifunctional platform.
Blockchain technology, through which the process of its activities will be carried out. With this technology, the problems regarding the security of personal data storage will disappear. Developers are aware that in the future trade in crypto currency will become more popular and the system's resources are developed with the expectation of this fact. Hybrid architecture will be a feature of the new service. There will be a unification of decentralized and centralized elements. The formation of the ecosystem will be as follows:

  • centralized component;
  • decentralized component;
  • an arsenal of tools that allows you to simplify the manipulation of the crypto currency.

In principle, Qurrex will take the 1st place among the best crypto platforms. This will help build transaction speed balancing and asset security guarantees. Workers involved in the project argue that the processing speed will be about 70,000 transactions per second.

Advantages of the system
Among the main advantages of the platform, you can identify the main:

  • maximum security of assets;
  • a large arsenal of special tools, a simple interface that allows you to quickly understand the features of trades;
  • A special application for accessing the platform;
  • activity report: annual audit in the largest companies (Deloite, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, as well as Ernst & Young).
  • providing a graphical report with the results of trading processes on the platform;
  • insurance of internal wallets without fail, in order to avoid financial losses;
  • A special resource of communication for crypto traders.

Site work system
The system development plan includes the creation of centralized nodes like CEX (a peculiar pool of liquidity). Due to their work, the network loads are smoothed out. Centralized nodes will work for the data transfer process. Centralized nodes will provide effective trade. Exchange of data will be possible, only from books on applications. The most profitable forms will be selected according to available contracts.

Who can use the Qurrex platform?
The following tools will be available for use:

  • investors from corporations;
  • crypto-exchange exchanges (with little liquidity);
  • Brokers who want to use the platform with the highest possible conditions;
  • investors working on a private basis (they will receive the necessary tools for the analysis of operations).

Conducting ICO Qurrex

The basic stage of the ICO will be held from 10 to 30 June 2018.
For 1 ETH the buyer will be credited with 400 QRX.
From February 27th to March 28th on Pre-Ico for 1 ETH was given 800 QRX, but at the same time the minimum investment was equal to 15 aether. At the moment, a special offer is activated - the opportunity to purchase 500 coins in just one ether. Hardcap of the project is fixed at around $ 35 million, at the moment, 24 of them have already been collected.

Team Qurrex
Professional advisers, and of course, the best of traders basis for the formation of the Qurrex team. Qualified specialists are engaged in the development of effective principles for forecasting. Now, the team began to place special emphasis on the study and analysis of the work of crypto-currency assets. Qualified specialists deal with the detection and elimination of problems that a potential user of the platform may face.

Let's sum up.
It is clear that time is needed to implement the idea, but you can look at the roadmap for a plan for developing the platform. The prospects for the new platform are very successful. Crypto industry is developing faster every day, gaining new momentum, and the audience is happily accepting new, modernized sites. Still there is a lot of time to make an investment in ICO, anyone can take part.

All official information about Qurrex:

Official website: https://qurrex.com
Bitcointalk Topic: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2899211.0
Telegram: https://t.me/Qurrex_bounty_chat
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1klzZPHdjCBnurHCJjJbjwsed_5rx4W1U/view

Myetherwallet: 0x945A857a0FCcE8870e5B04B8f64824e57B920f19
My bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1135517

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