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Qurrex. Absolutely new hybrid cryptocurrency exchange! Must read!

Today I would like to tell you about the wonderful project I accidently lay my eyes on. I need to say that I heard about Qurrex some time ago, when the project has just begun its way to the popularity and success and I promised myself back then that I will join in the project in the future. And i was right! Qurrex not only lived up to my expectations, but also exceeded them. But lets start from the beginning.

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What is Qurrex? Qurrex is a first of its kind hybrid cryptocurrency exchange. Its multifunctional trading platform i represented by a hybrid system that consists of three main parts. The first part is a centralized node. It is a new, even revolutionary I dare to say, technology that meets all the demands of the modern, cutting edge traditional exchanges. The second part is responsible for working with a huge amount of clients, which have already relied on Qurrex and trusted the platform their money. Platform's client functionality by no aspect concedes to leading exchange and FX brokers. The third part is a blockchain network. It has two main aims — the first one is to solve problems of secure storage and to eliminate middlemen, and the second is to provide
the user with aggregated liquidity from all network nodes, including the centralized platform.
Nowadays Qurrex is the platform which is setting the industry standard in the crypto-economy for a universal cryptocurrency exchange. It is far ahead of time, and the majority of platforms are only going to achieve Qurrex's level in a few years. The platform is based on high-performance architecture from the leading international trading platforms. The growth explosion in crytpocurrency trading is going to happen any day from now, and while other companies are doing all they can to get prepared to it, Qurrex has not only already done it, but also is much likely to become an important factor in the development of the crypto-economy, as it not only satisfies the demands and solves the problems of current users of existing exchange platforms, but also creates favorable conditions for a new wave of participants, those not currently represented in the cryptocurrency world.

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Now let me explain you what key functional capabilities and facilities Qurrex possesses at the present moment. Well, first of all, it is a highly secure, high-performance hybrid architecture supported by an independent technical audit. I know for sure that security is of he top importance for Qurrex engineers and programmers. And that is pretty logical — there is no good service without it, and Qurrex is not just «good», it is wonderful! Its broad functionality satisfies the demands of users of any level, so even the most picky ones will never be disappointed.
If the first key issue for Qurrex is security — without it you can just stop trying to make a platform, nobody will need it — the second is transparency. An independent audit, publication of financial accounts, maximum formalization of all processes — Qurrex's team has enough time, people and knowledge to do it in the right way. For more comfort, they included payment gateways for depositing and withdrawing fiat money — now these pocedures have become faster and easier. Moreover, not only these — when you become a member of a large qurrex community you will be provided with an advanced interface that is highly customizable and comes with an advanced API. As the cherry on top they created a platform for social trading and investing with its own marketplace. If something goes wrong or you face any kind of problems with the platform or with your own activity, fast and responsive multilingual user support is constantly operating 24/7 for you.


Qurrex is too good and versatile to be spoken about in just one article. So if you have some question, please, have a look at its official website (, there you will be able to contact with a friendly service, Qurrex highly-qualified specialists are ready to help you. If you need some details about Qurrex concept or some technical ones, please, read the whitepaper. The link to it you will easily find on the website or you can download it via this link — I wish you good luck and fast develop to your business, which is pretty possible with the help of Qurrex!


Here is more information about Qurrex:

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