Meet the promising ICO Remiit !!!

Welcome to my crypto-blog, with you @cryptosaw. I wanted to publish my review on this project for a long time because the platform is very important and interesting, and it is called REMIIT

Basic information:

REMIT is a payment platform based on the most famous blockchain technology, it connects many different users and businesses through a system of smart contracts based on trust.
What is the purpose of this platform? - - The REMIT project is aimed at ensuring business scalability of enterprises in the field of money transfers, and the platform wants to provide us, or rather users with a fairly cheap and transparent process using their tokens.
The sphere of remittances and payments is not so open to the current adoption of decentralization and p2p interaction. However, this service area is the most important factors to be adopted by the blockchain. Thanks to cloud and smart contract technologies, REMIT will serve as the basis for the implementation of a block of p-chains, where the block chain can be used for real business services working with existing money transfer and payment providers.

Ecosystem platform:

The platform developed REMIIT Smart Contract (RSC) to make the process scalable. Each participant ecosystems REMIIT is located in the centre of the business relationship. For this REMIIT Smart Contract (RSC) with the Protocol REMIIT Payment Gateway Protocol (RPGP) have teamed up to expand to "pay" through the platform of remittances. Thanks to this infrastructure of these ecosystems, each participant can create many channels to overcome existing problems. Ultimately, the limitations of the previous currency ecosystem will be overcome by various channels, the market will expand and business will only grow.

Remiit smart contract:

REMIIT provides a smart RSC contract, which in turn will be set up for overseas money transfers. The first step supported by REMIIT, is to provide a variety of RSC distributions and UX (User Experience) that allow business users and users of the total money transfer to easily participate in the RSC process.

Road map:

ICO Details:

  1. Title-REMI
  2. Platform-Ethereum
  3. Type - ERC 20
  4. Price price-1 REMI = 0.01 USD
  5. Price in ICO - 1 REMI = 0.01 USD
  6. Tokens for sale: 2,400,000,000

The development team:


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