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We use passwords every day. But are they well-protected? There is no rocket science to crack a password. People tend to think that password is the most secure way of data-protection, far from it . A lot of users make mistakes when creating and using their passwords. The same password on various social networks, messengers and other services is the most frequent one. 

REMME completely eliminates the chance of human error. The major part of security violations/incidents happen because of some human weakness. The password can be too simple, and users leave their browsers open on public computers, record their passwords on paper, or store them in a file on their computers.

Our technology eliminates the human factor from the authentication process, thus making passwords outdated. Currently, the two-factor authentication method is used to increase the level of protection. It is to require any additional information besides your password. It can be a disposable SMS password or a disposable password that is implemented through using of the TOTP Protocol and a new password appears in a certain interval of time.

Another way of authorization in the system is the use of the SSL / TLS certificates, which are widely used in banks, tax services, etc.

There is also the key system.  Public keys are used for decryption and private keys for encryption. Both of them are based on strong mathematical approaches. 

The project team of REMME works to secure user passwords as much as possible. The team plans to solve this problem by decentralizing the public key infrastructure on the basis of the blockchain technology. REMME customers will appreciate the benefits of the decentralized system. 

The main advantages of REMME:

1. The absence of centralized database of certificates and keys that could be compromised.

2. There are no API restrictions and technology blocking. Simple integration with the existing system.

3. There are no additional payments 

4. Fast and secure distribution process of public keys. 

5. Fast and secure certificate revoking process.

6. Single point of trust for different systems:  simple single sign - on, decentralized worldwide available authorization.

7. There are no legal restrictions and issues of state cooperation.

This is not all the available advantages of REMME. Complete anonymity of actions is ensured with the use of the blockchain technology. REMME brings the blockchain techonoly to the PKI infrastructure ensuring that the stored data remains unchanged.

REMME is constantly developing. The opportunity of creating a decentralized PKI on the basis of Emercoin blockchain (EMCSSL) has already been tested. (Emercoin  блокчейн (EMCSSL)
Unfortunately, the speed of this process leaves much to be desired.   It takes about 10-30 minutes for the system to get the certificate and become active. 

Another test was conducted on the UTXOs' Bitcoin blockchain.  But the result did not satisfy the team. REMME thinks that modern blockchain systems are far from being ideal and require their tokens in order to perform any operations.   Many systems are either slow or overloaded.

REMME solves this problem and creates its own decentralized system.  Perfect and convenient system is planned.  It takes several conditions to implement this idea:

1) the pricing policy must be pegged to the existing currency (e. g. to the USD)

2) blocks must have high bandwidth to maintain fast certificate management.

3) the ability to create a private blockchain for integration into the organization.

REMME has designed a system based on the blockchain technology that is ,in turn ,based on Hyperledger Sawtooth in order to support the requirements that are planned to be met by the creators. Custom concensus algorithm is largely inspired by Ethereum Clique and Dash masternodes network.

Since it is planned to peg to Fiat currencies, it is necessary to bind prices to them. Prices will be updated every 10 minutes to ensure that they are always relevant to all currencies. Access to them will be available to all users.

REMME creates its own token that is necessary for all operations within this platform.  What is it necessary for? At least to pay the commission within the REMME platform.  Tokens are created on the Ethereum platform.  

The motto of the REMME project:"It is a high time to secure your business" .They have created the perfect combination of password-free instruments to protect users and their business from cyber-attacks.

No passwords - no hacking.  REMME implements unbreakable, reliable user authentication to protect your users, employees and company data from cyber-attacks. 

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