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Companies and people lose huge amounts of money and valuable information because of hacking, unreliable security systems, and the simplicity of the password used. The amounts that are expended on protection against burglaries in Internet are estimated at billions of dollars. And despite the emergence of new means of protection, there are new approaches for their hacking and cyber attacks. They have not disappeared from our lives: phishing, brute force, bucket brigade, server breach, keylogging, password breach, password reuse attack. For sample, phishing the crypto-currency resource Bitfinex was cost this resource about $ 70,000,000. Many ways? Yes, not a little ...



Platform Remme - has combined many tools that will ensure the protection of valuable information without the use of a password. The revolutionary nature of the Remme platform is that it allows you to organize protection against all known methods of hacking or cyberattacking. This protection is built on the non-use of passwords.


Remme eliminates the use of passwords. This, of course, eliminates the opportunities for scammers and criminals to gain access to valuable information or resources. Remme has created a set of tools built on block technologies to achieve the above goals. Given the features of the blockchain, hacking or cyberattack on the platform offered by Remme platform is almost impossible.

The principle of protection Remme is built on the fact that each gadget is provided with its own SSL certificate. It is stored on the basis of blockage. No counterfeit certificate will be processed by the system and it is no accepted. There will be virtually no one to organize a cyberattack, in the blockchain there is nothing to collapse, there is simply no central server. That's why using the platform fraudsters lose their potential targets and opportunities for hacking. Weak places in such a system of protection and the chain is simply not there.


The Remme platform integrates with other authentication and protection systems. The resource will allow to ensure complete anonymity and inability to use data that the user would not like to disclose. Remme monitors and verifies all issued SSL certificates. The platform will provide a drastic reduction in the costs of protecting corporate or personal data. Moreover, the platform reliably solves the issues of hacking accounts, personal wallets in crypto-currency Internet resources, applications and platforms.

With the loss of the device, you can easily use two-factor authentication to block access from unauthorized logins and easily restore access in the new gadget.


As a rule, certification of a single device is carried out within 20-30 minutes - this is a long time. Therefore, the Remme team provided the creation of this decentralized platform, which ensures the creation of an SSL certificate for the block system much faster and more efficiently. The platform is based on Ethereum and Dash master codes.


Now the Remme implement by the ICO. Even at the stage of preliminary sales this project showed good results, in December 2017 - an internal token was sold on 1.8 million dollars. The full-format ICO was launched in February 2018. At the moment the project has already sold the token for another $ 18 million. This is an impressive success, which proves the need for this platform, the high demand for it, as well as the trust of potential users. The plans to issue an internal REM token amounting to 1 billion. The nominal rate of the token is 1 REM = 0.04 US dollar, ETH 0.000047. Still have the opportunity to participate in this project.

Team and partners

The project team consists of 16 specialists from Ukraine. The founder and leader is Alex Mamot, co-director - Kate Pospelova. Judging by the profiles, the team really proved their professionalism and proper work. Impressive results of ICO.

The partners are: UkrInMash, InfoPulse, Hotmine, Changelly.



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