REMME - new principles of secure access and data transfer

Good day dear readers of my blog. Today I want to talk about an amazing project. Investments in the REMME platform – new principles of secure access and data transfer.

Complex and inconvenient password times are in the past. The REMME platform offers a new version of the public PKI Protocol for fast and convenient authentication of users and devices without the need to verify the password, minimizing the risk of illegal access and theft of information.

The urgent problem of society is the need to work with long combinations and complex principles of data protection. The preference is for simpler, more effective approaches to security control.

Modern practice confirms that the most common are simple passwords that can be easily hacked. As a result, fraudsters get access to a variety of confidential data, which can be accompanied by significant losses and risks for the owners.

In addition, the owner's use of the same password for different services and projects leads to an additional threat to the security of access and data. In particular, by cracking only one password, an attacker can use it to find different combinations for all inputs.

Another common problem on the Internet is the leakage of passwords stored on a single server, which reflects the lack of efficiency of existing methods of organization of protection.

Software and technical solutions of the REMME platform allow to leave the problems of hacking and password theft in the past, using the new data access format. Access errors and threats of fraud remain in the past. The effectiveness of this method is based on the advantages and principles of blockchain technology, introducing a new security system.

Within the project, it is expected to establish for each device its own SSL certificate. It will be stored on the blockchain, which allows to completely eliminate the risk of acceptance of a fake or erroneous certificate by the system.

The result of such decisions is the elimination of current threats:

 The exception, of the fraud potential targets for hacking.

- Elimination of all weak links in the chain.

- The possibility of not using a Central server for data storage.

Among the key advantages of the new system should be highlighted:

- Absolute anonymity of data, excluding the risk of unauthorized access.

- Integration with different two-factor authentication techniques.

- Effective principles for monitoring and verifying the issuance of all certificates.

The REMME platform helps to solve a complex of topical problems of society:

- refusal to use a standard access system through passwords, given the weak effectiveness of its security;

- minimisation of threats of attack;

- reduction of the cost of organization of corporate security systems.

The REMME project protects users from key threats to the industry:

- fishing's;

- brute force attacks;

- data interception;

- keyboarding / password cracking; 

- hacking servers;

- attacks through the reuse of keys.

The main advantages of Remme are the progressive capabilities of The system

- Refusal to work with any certification authority. Because there's no need for it now. Due to the more progressive blocking of the system, the company is able to securely save its capital, valuable and confidential data.

- The possibility of individual combination of different circuits to suit your requirements and the specifics of the work.

- Effective principles for the control of personal and confidential data. The secret key to access the necessary information will be available only to the owner.

- Instant and easy registration, without the need for a long wait for the creation of the next block.

- Ability to work with an unlimited number of accounts with SSL-certificates.

Details of ICO and internal token of REMME platform

The project was the result of joint decisions of 20 specialists from two regions of the country. The authors of the project initially financed the development of the platform at their own expense. However, over time, there was a need for additional investments, so according to the ICO results, it was possible to collect investments of more than $ 20 million.

Internal utility tokens are provided for users, which can be used for any operations and interaction within the system. The tokens themselves are available for purchase on various exchanges, demonstrating their stable growth.

The main funds raised by the platform through the sale of tokens will be directed to the development, further improvement of the system, attracting qualified specialists, opening offices, competent solution of marketing and legal issues.


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