<p>The Internet has made it possible to transmit information quickly and easily. More than two hundred million people annually get access to the Internet. According to IHS, by the end of this year the number of IoT devices will reach 20 billion.</p>

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<p>Currently, the main method of access to various local and network resources is a password, which has proven to be a way to identify and protect users and resources. However, it has one serious drawback: in case of password theft, the attacker gains access to all the data of the user who owns the password. In addition, users usually have the same password for multiple services, the situation becomes even worse because these passwords can be weak or even be the subject of a dictionary attack. Database passwords from various resources periodically fall into open access. In General, even if a resource provides the ability to change the password, this method is somewhat vulnerable, because user mailboxes are usually password protected, often the same as on other resources. Most security breaches are due to some human weakness. The password can be too easy to guess; people leave their browsers open on public computers, write down passwords on paper or in a file on their computers, or just cheat to give away their login details.</p>

<p>REMME absolutely eliminates any chance of human error. If the passwords cease to exist, then the problem of hacking will disappear forever. REMME implements unbreakable, reliable user authentication to protect your users, employees and company data from cyber-attacks.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Therefore, the password may not be a sufficient tool to protect user data and ensure the security of the user session.</p>

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<p>REMME has found an approach to this problem - password managers. It is a software that provides secure password storage and, in the case of integration as a browser extension, is able to resist numerous ways of password theft. Also, password managers are often able to generate secure passwords that are unique to each resource that brings security to a new level.</p>

<p>The team is working to solve these problems by decentralizing the public key infrastructure based on blockchain technology. The chosen approach will allow customers how to manage their PCI with a high level of security and all the advantages of a decentralized and distributed system, including fault tolerance. Advantages of REMME:</p>

<p>1. There is no centralized database of certificates and keys that could be</p>


<p>2. There is no technology blocking and API restrictions. Easy integration with</p>

<p>operating system.</p>

<p>3. There are no additional fees for various certificates / credentials in</p>

<p>different categories.</p>

<p>4. No possibility of collusion between software / hardware</p>

<p>sellers and a limited amount of cash.</p>

<p>5. Fast and secure public key distribution process.</p>

<p>6. A fast and secure process of revoking the certificate.</p>

<p>7. Single point of trust for different systems: simple single sign-on</p>

<p>, decentralized world of available authorization.</p>

<p>8. There are no legal restrictions and issues of state cooperation.</p>

<p>Additional benefits of the platform:</p>

<p>1. Acceptable for different types of multi-factor authentication.</p>

<p>2. Complete anonymity.</p>

<p>3. It allows you to track all issued certificates, provides</p>

<p>transparent control.</p>

<p>REMME brings blockchain to the PKI infrastructure, ensuring consistency</p>

<p>the data that is stored there.</p>

<p>For a simple user, it may look complicated, but everything is as simple as possible: you do not need to remember the number of logins and passwords, you do not need to pay five or ten authorized bodies for certificates used in the tax, legal, banking, technical or programming sphere , you will not need to control the time of each password/certificate/key. REMME technology makes passwords obsolete, which eliminates the human factor from the authentication process.</p>

<p>Companies all over the world are losing billions of dollars to hackers. According to Forbes , the cost of cybercrime will reach $ 2 trillion by 2019.</p>

<p>Believing that the business should be safe, REMME has created the perfect combination of password-free tools in order to protect the user and his business from cyber attacks.</p>

<p>REMME is proud to present a security that will keep you safe and sound in this new digitized world.</p>

<p>REMME is creating a platform to make sure that no one can hack the car; plans to prevent hacker plans and shield people from launching a biological attack, because experienced hackers can do it using only one laptop, and stop anarchist hackers from compromising the results of the presidential election.</p>

<p>Blockchain is the most convenient for users and for those who create programs or networks. To do this, you need to come up with the most convenient payment and interface, so no tokens can not do.</p>

<p>Remme Token (REM) is designed to perform the function of an access key and allows you to access the developed program. The REM token includes a pre-order, acting as a key providing access. It is created on the Ethereum platform.</p>

<p>The token is also required to pay small fees within the platform.</p>

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<p>ANN Thread:</p>



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