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1_5vm9055hZkKBh-eLxTjqdQ.jpegRestart Energy is independent of the Eu electricity and gas company with $ 20 million in current annual revenue, which has developed the first catalogue of the strength of the franchise is the construction of a global, decentralised all over the world and threatening the supply of electrical energy to the platform and ecosystem.

Restart the Energy is one of the fastest growing private energy and gas provider operating in the country (Romania), which offers a line of innovative products and customer-oriented service with greater transparency. Rated current (December 2017) Restart the Power are more than 3,000 Companies and the multinational companies of energy, gas and fuel pack, and more than 27,000 domestic customers of electricity and gas. Restart the Energy is the first energy supplier in Europe to accept the energy account for the payment of Technology (September 2017).

Despite the process of liberalisation of the energy markets, many challenges prevent the entry into the market for the supply of electrical energy. With the legacy of the game were the most of the market share, little has changed since freedom.

The barriers to entry in the home and in the COMPANIES of the energy sector, capital markets, infrastructure, and process automation required for controlling the number of low-power consumption. Current service models do not provide a direct relationship between the producers of renewable energy to consumers, resulting in the inability to obtain profits and grow business, save, and choose between renewable energy and fossil fuels. State subsidies for renewable energy are designed to stimulate the market up to the size required for grid parity have been achieved, but in reality, there are few countries where renewable energy has reached grid parity.&do


Now, the electricity is traded through exchanges or trade over-the-counter (OTC). In many markets, more than 75% of the volume of electricity traded in the counter. As a result, bids and offers are managed by financial intermediaries, and are therefore often applied to the outside of the bag. This, in turn, reduces the visibility and the money from the business. In addition, the centralized model of bargaining with a small number of large energy companies that dominate the market, limits improvements to the visibility and the money of the operation.

Restart Energy is the development of a blockchain-based platform on a single intuitive user interface, allowing the global energy supply help her to become the next generation of services companies.

Restart the Power of Democracy is a Platform that connects energy producers and retailers, customers from all over the world in a transparent way, in a decentralized way that creates value for all parties to use) the blockchain to remove the many layers of costs associated with the bureaucracy and transaction costs, and (b) the distribution of the supply of services to the end customers. The intrinsic structure of the system is designed for speed, flexibility and global applicability in all the freedom in the energy markets with the same proven methods that have helped the company achieve rapid growth in the market of the EU.

The producers can sell their energy at prices that are 30% higher than the wholesale price, due to the large number of low-volume customers, which, in turn, will pay 30% less by using the existing network infrastructure with the restructuring of the way in which transactions are handled in a transparent way to use the blockchain.

More 3 billion consumers of energy in the world in freedom the markets will be able to change the flow of energy with the hand Reset of the Energy or the Franchise NETWORK, in-line, transparent environment the use of our platform in less than 5 minutes. The platform will provide all of their energy needs in the best way friendly to the user in real-time consumption, invoices, payments, and what's more, will allow direct peer-to-peer energy in relation to the rights exchanged between the consumers, prosumers and producers of any type.

Reset the power to the Platform of the Democracy (RED-P)

RED-P is a global, decentralised energy supply of the platform. Consumers and producers to register in order to use the NETWORK-to-Side to get access to :

1) the global supply of energy,
2) smart wi-fi meters,
3) watts, prediction software, and
4) peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange of energy.
5) to Get the green certificates.

The Innovative features of RED-P, is:
  • All registered users can buy or sell any other registered users.
  • "
  • Some consumers are even generators (f.ex. the wind/solar), large power plants (gas, coal, nuclear) have been replaced with thousands of consumer generators.
  • the
  • P2P: All parts of our ecosystem is able to act with the other.

Start on the new Energy Vision
Imagine a story about a sustainable world, where affordable energy is created and used by everyone and everywhere.

Start Mission Energy
Our mission is to be the leading global provider of energy, innovation, and the democratisation of the sector.

Start Energy Goals
The Start Energy is committed to achieving the following goals:
  • Collect 30 million dollars, to RED targets in the development and to expand globally
  • the
  • Expand the retail energy business franchise in +45 countries with deregulated markets, which represents about 70 percent of the world’s energy consumption to the year 2022

Starts the Achievement of Energy
  • of Income in 2016: 5,45 million DOLLARS (>400% growth from 2015)
  • the
  • Income planned for the year 2017: $ 20 million (+425%) and revenue forecast for 2018 is $ 100 million (+500%)
  • the
  • more than 30.000 customers (more than 27,000 homes + 3,000 companies)
  • the
  • 40,000 payment locations in Romania

  • +300 energy of the franchise sold a couple in Romania "
  • Monthly growth of more than 10%
  • the
  • Strong partners: EuroGSM (Orange Telecom, Distributor) + InterBroker + GR + AMVV

The Start Energy and the construction of the global energy supply of the platform using the blockchain protocol to the democratization of a sector weighed down by bureaucracy and transaction costs, release of capital, cost savings for consumers, to help small-scale producers earn more money and allow a real peer-to-peer-direct marketing of energy using existing infrastructure.

The energy demand worldwide will double by the year 2030. With limited resources, and the commitment of the UNITED nations for the Sdg, nations must innovate in order to generate electricity in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. The member states of the European Union and the united States have begun the testing of the reforms through the liberalisation of the energy markets, so that private companies operating in the power of the retail trade. Countries in Asia, such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore have opted for the liberalization of the markets, in an attempt to create a sustainable development, while China and India are destined to follow from 2018 and beyond. 

Red MW(MWAT) pen tool ERC20 characters, the access to the red platform Software and of the red series. The red platform on the Basis of блокчейна, decentralized energy The trading platform makes it possible for consumers and producers of energy for sending and receiving energy all over the world*. In the energy marked in the address on the red platform to be physically delivered in the local prices in countries with be дерегулируемых energy markets, which participate of the Initial energy, directly or via Franchise. Red Series-the first electric-retail-series to start so that it is simple and easy and your own power company.

day event. Generation

total : 500 million red-Megawatt handles

day in: 0.1 USD / red-1-MW

and apartment : to 14. January, 11:59 PM (GMT)

order : 15. January and lasts until 12. February 2018
    with the Tag
  • during the Pre-Sales ТГЕ period, red megawatts of Tokens to the applicant, the following bonuses : 10000$ - more than - 20% are sold
ТГЕ sales : 14. February and ends on 14. March 2018
    During Day 1 of the TGE sale period, the bonus will be 15%..Each day the bonus will go down by 1% down to a minimum of 0%. the directory
  • in the last 15 days ТГЕ is a Bonus.
accepted currency : at, BTC, etc., VSN, in GENERAL, community

Unsold Tickets Brent.

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