DataBrokerDAO - global market for local data!


Have you noticed how the number of electronic equipment and electronics in our lives is growing?

Technological advances in cars, mobile phones and robotics have made significant strides over the past five years.In these devices, more and more sensors that constantly generate information. Look around and you will realize that sensors are every household appliance, our smartphone, sensors everywhere.

Until recently, sensors simply gave the necessary information to owners and no one thought that these data can be earned. According to statistics, the sensor market is growing every year and by 2019 its volume will reach 1.2 trillion dollars. Large corporations, small businesses and state-owned enterprises invest hundreds of millions of dollars in this market every year.

Unfortunately, at the moment the Internet of things is poorly developed, data trading is done locally and information is expensive.

The DataBrokerDAO project can create a global market for the Internet of things and give impetus to the development of this sphere!


The goal of the project is to create the world's first decentralized platform that will unite data suppliers and buyers! Thus, sellers will be able to monetize their data and partially cover the cost of buying sensors, and consumers of information will receive quality data for their further development and research. The project opens up a large number of prospects in various sectors of the economy, in which efficiency depends on the quality of data, and will help to significantly reduce costs.

The transparency of the system is ensured by the blockchain technology, and transactions are made thanks to smart contracts. Thanks to the creation of a global market for the Internet of things, the competition of sensor manufacturers will be ensured, which will reduce their cost, as well as reduce the cost of the data itself. This will give great opportunities for the economy and businesses.

What changes will the project make in the field of the Internet of things?

  • data providers will earn 80% from selling data to DTX tokens;
  • agriculture, which is directly dependent on the measurement of meteorological conditions will be able to significantly reduce the cost of sensors;
  • scientific and research organizations will also have access to the global market for cheap data
  • network operators will also get an incentive to expand the network, so they will earn 10% of each transaction and with the development of the platform they will become more and more;
  • the sphere of household appliances and automotive industry will also receive an impetus to the development, as they will have a huge database for further development and continuous improvement.

According to the roadmap, the fully operational network will be available in mid-2018, and for now it is possible to test the beta version of the platform on the website: DataBrokerDAO:


The idea of creating a global market for the Internet of things is very necessary. With the development of the technology market, the need for data will only increase and, accordingly, the price of the DTX token will grow. Such global companies as Panasonic, Option and others have already shown their interest in the project (image below)


Friends, if you like the article and the idea of the project, I would be grateful if you would support it with your voice and expressed your opinion on this project!

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