Zero Carbon - stop the greenhouse effect thanks to cheap renewable energy!


You've probably heard many times on TV about a global impending disaster called the greenhouse effect. The main reason for this problem is the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of our planet. The main source of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere is the burning of hydrocarbon fuels for electric energy.

And as you know the needs of the planet in electric energy annually increase and as a result emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere also increase. Its main threat is the increase in the temperature of the air on the planet, which leads to the melting of glaciers, the rise of the water level of the world ocean, very frequent weather disasters and unstable weather conditions.

Every year the problem of global warming becomes more acute. International organizations are introducing many new standards to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for enterprises and automotive manufacturers.

The solution was found when the supply of electricity have begun to use alternative sources of energy: sun energy, energy of tides, wind energy, etc. But the main problem of alternative energy is its cost, it is very expensive. There is a lack of funding for the global implementation and abandonment of the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels.

The Zero Carbon project can change the situation in the world energy market and change the climate!


The main objective of the project is to help accelerate the integration of renewable energy globally by reducing the cost of energy. This will be achieved through the introduction of blockchain technology, through which energy consumers will be rewarded with Energis tokens for low energy consumption.

After the launch and implementation of the project, we will be able to reduce the impact of the greenhouse effect, which we see more and more every year. If left unchecked, the consequences could be catastrophic for the world.

Technically, the implementation of the project will be to create a platform for the open market, which will connect consumers and suppliers, where users will benefit from contracts with "Zero Carbon" in the form of payment of fees only. All transactions will be carried out by Energis tokens. The purpose of the developers to electricity cost 0.01. $ USA per kWh.

Thus, thanks to the use of alternative energy, the project will be able to realize its main goal - to significantly reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere on a global scale. for this purpose, several solutions have been developed that will help reduce the price of contracts for electricity.


The platform will be built on Ethereum smart contracts and Energis token will be the payment instrument. 70% of the transaction fee will be received by the Zero Carbon project and will then be transferred to users as a reward for participating in the project. All participants of the platform will be able to sell Energis tokens on the open market.


I haven't seen such a useful project in a long time. The goals of the project are really ambitious and when the project is implemented, all people will see the benefits of its global implementation.

Friends, if you like the article and the idea of the project, I would be grateful if you would support it with your voice and expressed your opinion on this project!

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