FiiPay Scalable and Efficient Energy Mining Ecosystem

Fiiicoin is a smart phone based mining transactional network that will allow mobile users to earn rewards by lending phone resources for their network. Their main object to create scalable and energy efficient network that truly mobile based and do not require any expensive machine to maintain network. Their platform will enable users who do not have computer knowledge to participate in mining system and learn block-chain technology.

Mobile phones are not made up for mining crypto currencies and they are not able to maintain block-chain network 24/7 because of its low power, capacity and week CPU. For synchronizing mobile with block-chain it requires high bandwidth like 4G network but a mobile can earn all bandwidth within a minute. They have created a new type of mining consensus system proof of capacity and proof of delegated capacity that will enable mobile phones to fully synchronize and maintain whole block-chain network.

Fiiicoin platform is a P2P network design that will synchronize data by constantly connecting with multiple nodes within the network. P2P system can defined in such a way that one node has same capabilities of joining, sharing and authentication that other nodes has in flat topology. For improving performance and efficiency of current peer to peer system they will add custom gateways. They also have a global tracker system just like BitTorrent that will track all seeds and provides IP address of current nodes to newly joined node so he can easily access the network.

Fiiicoin is not just a crypto wallet but it also provide valuable functions like it is a cost effective solution for online stores to receive payments via their network. Their advance exchange allows multi crypto transactions and all other crypto coins present on coinmarketcap. Their robust API system makes it possible for everyone to embed their code on their website. Bluetooth 4.0 beacon payment technology will be used through which data will be broadcast. FiiiPOST terminal will detect that data and process requested payments and data can also be shared even in offline mode.

FiiiEX is a user friendly crypto exchange that will work under the FiiiGroup and will support Fiiipay trading and other altcoin trading. For long terms they will follow laws, rules and regulations and also frequently update their exchange for providing security and better exchange rate.


Coin Information:

Coin Name                   :     Fiii

Price Per Token          :     0.12$
Total Supply                :     5,000,000,000
Total Coin for Sale    :     420,000,000


Coin Distribution:


Team Members:

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My Bitcointalk username : dylanarora789
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