Black Lightning Season 2 Premiere: 'Rise of the Green Light Babies' Review


It's been a week since the event of last season's finale. It's all out in the open now -- The whole truth. Freeland citizens know about the A.S.A, the green light experiments, and what happened to their loved ones all those years ago. Worse, they know what's happening to their kids who have taken green light now.

Everyone is struggling to deal with the consequences of these.

Jefferson is answering to Garfield High's school board for not being on ground when the school was attacked. After the horrific events, there's even talk of shutting the school down.
Lin is summoned by the A.S.A for questioning on how she found the pods and knew about the operation. Of course, since she can't reveal the truth about their family, she gives a partly falsified report. But she bristles when the pods are wrest away her care.
Annysa is doing fine, but she's angry at the Government for claiming the children in the pods as their property, and not willing their families to even see them.
Jennifer's powers are growing, and with the widespread panic/hatred about the so-called Green Light babies, she finds it even harder to control, floating above her bed and sparkling whenever she sleeps. Especially as Khulio keeps calling and texting in apology.


As for the town, everything is in turmoil as cops end up killing any black kids suspected of being under the influence of the green light effect. This, of course, leads to an outrage by the church and Jefferson Pierce.

As is usual with the show, a whole lot happens in the episode.


Jefferson's former assistant and A.S.A spotter Kiera attempts to flee, but is accousted by Cyanide who attempts to take her to Tobias. However, she wins their fight and kills Cy, and flees to Gambi for help. She tells him Tobias has the briefcase but not what it contains, and to proof her worth, she attempts to attack him and get it. Unfortunately, this does not go well as he shoots her in the stomach with a harpoon. Still she manages to escape.

Jeff's friend Detective Henderson finally puts it all together and confronts him about being Black Lightning.

One of the killed green light babies wakes up and jumps out of his sleeping bag.

Jen's power grows so much that she turns golden and totally electrified, protected in an electric bubble she can't stop and no one can enter. The Pierces are terrified, but Jeff arrives and absorbs her excesses, bringing her down to normal.
To save the school, Jeff volunteers to give the board what they've wanted for a long time and step down as Principal. Lin pulls strings and, against Jeff's opinion, gets herself assigned to the pods under the A.S.A, though Agent Odell has promised to find out the truth and bring her down.
Anissa takes it on herself to raid drug crews and steal their money, and donates it to the Church to assist them in sueing for their loved ones.

The strain on the family is real, though, in true Pierce fashion, they try to ensure it doesn't break them while they struggle to do what's best for themselves, their family and the community.

A great start to the season! Action packed and fast-paced, and continuing the Black Lightning way of touching touch themes and subjects. The season is already promising.

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