Welcome my dear friends.Crypto currency is experiencing serious shocks and it is difficult to choose a worthy project. But today my mind was drawn to the project .t have free source code. Each user will be able to watch it in real time and develop solutions for updates. Rubius products will use existing decentralized applications on various Blockchains, such as Ethereum, for example.
The main goal of the Rubius project is to make payments using cryptocurrencies simple and everyday. Blockchain technology is the best suited for use in the field of Finance, thanks to a number of advantages, such as decentralization, security, transparency, reliability. One of the strong positions in the use of blockchain technology is occupied by money transfers. Blockchain excludes intermediaries from these types of transactions, as well as errors associated with the human factor. Trusted banking service based on blockchain technology offers Rubius Inc - US-based FINTECH company that is engaged in the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency creation of various products and services. The company keeps pace with the times and introduces modern technologies and the latest tools in the financial sector.
Ecosystem Rubius has a mobile app Aryl. It is available crypto exchanger Rubiex. The exchange of values within the system takes place through the Rubi coins, which ensures their liquidity. These are not all products that will be available in the Rubius ecosystem.
Rubiex - a universal web-based cryptocurrency exchange. The platform will feature Rubius coins, as well as hundreds of other cryptocurrencies of the ERC20 standard. Also, the platform offers the possibility of converting cryptocurrencies into Fiat funds and Vice versa.
Coin RUBY, decentralized cryptocurrency standard ERC20– located in the heart of the ecosystem. It will be used in the Aryl payment application and on the Rubiex exchange. All RUBY transactions will be processed by the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), which ensures data transparency. On Rubiex, Rubius coins will be used as one of the main trading pairs, and will give exchange participants a 50% discount when trading RUBY.

The composition of the Rubius team is very diverse. It consists of experts with many years of experience in various areas important for the successful implementation of such a large-scale project. Blockchain, Finance, engineering and many others.

The team is led by Joseph Rubin, an American inventor and entrepreneur. Engaged in the study of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. His team includes payment experts, marketers and analysts with deep thinking. Both experienced world-class experts and young promising developers work for the benefit of the project. The project team is constantly expanding its activities and cooperates with other companies working in the financial services sector. For example, it is very important for Rubius to partner with MegaPath and Fusion, a leading provider of cloud services. The main advantage that MegaPath and Fusion brings to Rubius is the 24/7 technical support, because 24 - hour communication and network support are very important for the development of The platform.

In advisorcom composed of many stars who have not just one successful project, but some, and not one successful ICO.


Details of the ICO and information about the token
ICO - the start August 21, 2018 – end of September 25, 2018
The main currency is the Token RUBY
Standard-ERC 20
The price of 1 ETH = 7000 RUBY
Accepted currencies – ETH
Available for sale-210 000 000 RUBY (70%)
Soft cap-2500 ETH
Hard cap-19500 ETH
What you should pay attention to in the Rubius project when considering it as an asset. First, the strong project team and reputable Advisory composition. Secondly, there are ready-made sketches that allow you to present the functionality of the product. Third, the soft cap project has already been achieved. ICO ends in seven days, September 30.

Official sources of the Rubius project
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