My dear readers today I want to introduce you to a very promising project.This project is truly unique and I am sure that it will take its rightful place in the industry. TALENTSNAP is a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence to radical changes in the recruitment of staff. The platform has a decentralized and encrypted Foundation in the form of Blockchain technology that uses artificial intelligence to re-introduce the power of data and monetization back to its rightful owners.

The result is an automated hiring process funded by TalentSnap technology changing the FitScore technology. The first phase before the ICO is currently ongoing and ends about 20 days after this article was written. Those who buy TSC tokens during this period will receive a 40% discount. This is a great opportunity to get the internal currency of a very modern and promising project, which in the future can bring a good profit.

The focus of TalenSnap is to create a new field of research that includes powerful zero-level proof AL models, in addition to the decentralized and encrypted data they already have. The platform aims ??to promote its capabilities in research and development in the field of homomorphic encryption, Federal training and authentication. TalentSnap will then join forces with the radically changing FitScore technology to achieve its goal of becoming a platform for true hiring automation.

Solution to automate the recruitment process of TalentSnap Blockchain AI

The blocking layer
The platform allows employers and candidates for certain jobs to work directly, such a platform built on the Ethereum blockchain has long been awaited by many progressive companies. This allows to decentralize the data, scattering them all over the anonymous nodes belonging to users. This destroys all failure opportunities due to the distribution of independent nodes. Now employers will not be able to lobby their own candidates - they will choose only the most talented and smart, taking into account the rating of the TalentSnap system. Strong cryptography is used to encrypt personal information, which makes the data verifiable, and then it becomes immutable. This ensures a high level of data integrity. Thanks to this unique approach, TalentSnap guarantees data security to its customers, they will not suffer from multiple fraudulent schemes.

hash algorithm
This process allows the information to be read for further processing. In the future, any data manipulation will be performed only with the use of smart contracts.

Digital signature
A digital signature is added when the original document is combined with the HASH value created for the document with personal data. This is a great opportunity to make a unique, genuine signature that can not be forged.

To prevent your signature from being copied, you need a private and public key. There is a mathematical correlation between two keys that are highly dependent on each other. To do this, an algorithm that connects two keys ensures that each private key uses a different public key. The private key represents the sender's private information, and the public key represents that information jointly by the sender.

Innovative file system
IPFS (DHT-based distributed file technology ) will be used by the platform, where each node stores a collection of hashed files. Model AL just call the hash file whenever data is requested for FitScores.

TalenSnap TSC Token & ICO
TalentSnap developers create a global recruitment platform where people and organizations connect directly with each other. The use of TSC tokens will allow the platform to improve the recruitment process. Since this is a utility token, candidates and employers will receive these tokens in exchange for their data, which is a fair opportunity to monetize their efforts.

Furthermore, the cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, carries heavy transaction fees . The use of the platform token will allow users to apply lower tariffs. This minimizes the frequency of transactions as participants can set the threshold for automatic and manual exchange.

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Website: https://talentsnap.co/
WhitePaper: https://talentsnap.co/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/talentsnap
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinTsc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/talentsnap/?ref=br_rs


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