Welcome my dear friends.Crypto currency is experiencing serious shocks and it is difficult to choose a worthy project. But today my mind was drawn to the project .Tokeneo-at its core, this project is an innovative solution that includes a serious solution for the exchange of one currency to another. Of course, we are talking about the crypto currency. Therefore, I can not leave aside the issue of the security of the exchange and user funds in General. This exchange is based on a serious platform called blockchain. This technology is more than ever, by the way, will have for data security, as well as for the security of working with tools will be used such a tool as smart contracts. These things make this industry as safe as possible, and most importantly open and transparent.
A few words about the ICO of this project:
The project token will be called: TEO.
In total, it is planned to issue TEO tokens: 100 000 000 TEO tokens.
Sales will start on September 24, 2018 and end on December 16, 2018.
As for the participants of this action will be dostoiny bonuses up to twenty five percent!
Minimum sales target: $ 3 000 000.
Maximum sales target: $ 10 000 000.


Token Tokeneo TEO, sold during the ICO, will be based on the Protocol ERC-20, that is, it will comply with the principles and recommendations for the creation of digital assets in the Ethereum network. Tokens will be created under a contract in the underlying network. The total stock of the TEO token is 100 000 000 units (one hundred million), and this number will not change over time. TEO tokens sold at the time of fundraising will be the only ones ever to be purchased. After completion of the ICO, the project supporters will be able to buy tokens only from the persons who purchased them initially during the initial offer. This will be possible in a free exchange market such as, among others, the Tokeneo exchange. During the first round of the private investor acquisition, 5 000 000 tokens of Tokeneo pre-ICO (five million tokens) were sold, which is 5 percent of the total offer (the total number of tokens from the partners ' collection was 8 000 tokens, which is 8 percent of the offer). In the second public round, open to all interested parties, and institutional investors will offer a permanent pool of 80,000,000 Token tokens

I would like to say that I just do reviews on projects and Express my opinion about a particular product, as well as the implementation of ideas that developers offer us. I in no case do not encourage you to invest, because investment is a matter of personal decision of each user. Also, I am not a financial expert who could give advice about investments. You make these decisions solely on your own. I would like to remind you that I am not responsible for your investments. Read my reviews and learn a lot of interesting things. Have a good day!



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