Welcome my dear friends.Crypto currency is experiencing serious shocks and it is difficult to choose a worthy project. But today my view attracted project .YuTü.Co.in provides a platform for YouTubers to make more money, communicate better with their fans and have their valuable tokens traded on our exchanges.

With YuTü.Co.in YouTube, producers can receive incentives in a decentralized way that previously could not be achieved. This approach is a breakthrough and has never been seen before, a new dawn in video sharing and monetization.
YouTubers can create their own cryptographic tokens, generate their own fan base, and increase YouTube revenues across the YuTu platform.Co.in and exchange tokens.

Honesty, accountability, honesty and fairness are the main principles on which is based YuTü.Co.in.

Our goal is to return the money to the YouTubers that have been lost due to recent changes in the politics of monetization in the YouTube partner program, which has generated Adpocalypse, which was achieved in the form of crytalline goods belonging to your own YouTubers that are bound to their channels.Krbtest named yAltcoin, can have its own Ticker symbol, is set to reflex the brand's YouTube channel, its shares (yaltz), which can be sold for tokens, Ethereum, YuTüCoin (YTC), have real value.

Our internal platforms and exchanges will be used not only to allow YouTubers to communicate with their fan base, but also to allow fans to "invest" their favorite YouTube channels by directly supporting Them without divulging their contributions to outside companies. YuTü.Co.in offers free registration for everyone, does not charge a membership fee and is open to all channel managers who meet our minimum registration requirements.

Also, YuTü.Co.in provides YouTuber with Their own custom pages on our site that they can use to sell products, post videos that are not hosted on YouTube, and promote their channel brands. By applying chain-based decentralization to the video monetization process, we help create content creators who want additional revenue for the work they already do.

At the same time, we offer potential investment opportunities for fans of the YouTube channel and crepeau, because the nature of the open market of our hosted exchange allows yaltz YouTubers to reach the month.

Details ICO

YuTüCoin (YTC) is a token that meets the ERC20 and original coin platform that will be used for most of the services offered on Yutü.Co.in. Using the exchange in our house, who can use YTC to buy a regular coin known as yaltz, which is a coin representing the brand of YouTuber channel. Some of the resulting yaltz will be automatically logged in to your account YouTuber. Once the platform is active, YTC can also be used to purchase PAQ or virtual miners (described below). As an Ethereum token, YTC will be able to exchange with several external exchanges and DEX when a stock partnership is formed, the first of which will be Excoincial.

The name of the token: YuTüCoin
Token symbol: YTC
Previous ICO: 100M YTC - $ 0.05 / YTC
Stage I( 2 weeks): 20M YTC - $ 0.10 / YTC
Stage II (1 week): 30M YTC - $ 0.15 / YTC
Phase III (1 week): 50 m. YTC - $ 0.20 / YTC
PAQ purchase Price: $ 25.00 / PAQ
Minimum purchase: 0.1 ETH
ICO starts on Saturday, September 15, 2018.
ICO expires: Saturday, October 13, 2018.

Benefits for channel owners:
Independent tokens for each channel Owner: your YouTube channel is cryptographically characterized and sold as shares of your fan base, invested by supporters and users of the platform.
Video sharing integration: you don't need to upload directly to the platform, you can share content that is connected to your customer base.
You have your content. Upload your content to YouTube and elsewhere as we offer our resources for you pro-bono. We help you make more money and improve your brand while you focus on creating stunning videos.
Zero Fees: YouTubers registered as Lynspinz carry zero when using one of the features of the YuTuo platform.Co.in.

Benefits for investors:
Access exclusive content from your favorite YouTubers.
User friendly-no previous experience is required.
Get crypto-commodity promotions that represent your support for YouTubers.
Shares can be bought or sold on our exchanges. Participating YouTubers will be more inclined to promote their channel brands to meet the wishes of shareholders. This, in turn, will increase the price of the tokens they themselves have and which are still collected automatically.
Purchases on the go-platform will soon be available for mobile devices.
Voting right. As a shareholder, fans will have the right to vote on each initiative submitted by the respective YouTubers.

Additional information:

Web site: https://www.yutubopolis.com/
Technical document: https://www.yutubopolis.com/white-paper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YuTuCoin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/YuTuCoin
Telegram: https://t.me/YTCcommunity


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