The LoopX project disappeared with $ 4.5 million after the end of ICO [↻50%]

The LoopX project disappeared with $ 4.5 million after the end of ICO

The organizers of the next fraudulent #ICO, LoopX, vanished into thin air along with the millions of investors.

An investment platform that promised to make money for their investors due to the patented algorithm trading, suddenly disappeared after he collected $ 4.5 million in ICO. The company has also deleted its website and social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter , YouTube and Telegram.

The only thing left of LoopX is still an active branch on BitcoinTalk and reviews on ICOBench and TokenDesk .

They can still see the road map published by the member LoopX, which is already going nowhere.

According to saved version ceased to function, website, investors moved to the Scam bitcoins and 2 276 446 #Ethereum in five separate token-Seil, held in January this year.

"After spending a few months on development and testing and achieving high profitability, we are ready to present The loopx trading algorithm with great confidence," the website says. "This software will allow us to make more online than we ever would in real life."

"Finally, a simple investor had the opportunity to become part of the revolution and gain financial independence," — said in a remote white paper project.

"Our top priority is to give you the opportunity to relax and watch your money grow."

One of the users of Reddit last month analyzed these and other statements of LoopX and warned investors that, apparently, the organizers of the ICO are not going to do what they write. But who listens when you can sit back and watch the money grow?

This is the fifth known case this year. ICO turned into a regular pyramid, the only difference is that the HYIP is not necessary to make daily payments.

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