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           Kind time of the day, dear friends!  Today I would like to tell you about the new ThinkCoin crypto currency and the TradeConnect platform.  

           In today's world, global trade is an obsolete mechanism that is full of shortcomings.  Its negative qualities, such as centralization, opacity, various market manipulation and many intermediaries, created the prerequisites for the creation of a newer, progressive trading system - the trade in crypto-assets.  

           To solve all of the above and many other problems, the TradeConnect platform and the ThinkCoin crypto currency were developed, with which the platform will work.  

           The TradeConnect platform is part of the ThinkMarketsGroup, which combines many years of experience in trading, and is a "trading platform for the future", using innovations in the crypto-currency area, developed on the technology of blocking and intended for multi-active trading.  

The main problems solved by the platform: 

  • Strong dependence of trades on external influences and information sources 
  • Lack or underdevelopment of artificial intelligence technologies in trade 
  • Huge number of intermediaries - high commissions 
  • Duration of transactions can be several days 
  • A tough, outdated and unbending global trading system 
  • High risk in making deals  

The TradeConnect platform corrected all these problems and made it their personal advantage, namely: 

  • Smart contracts will allow holding trades  with only impartial sources of information. 
  • To make the trade flexible, deep, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and electronic personalities were developed. 
  • Trade on an equal footing without intermediaries Reduced commissions and user awards for liquidity inflows.  
  • Now the only commission for everyone is "One-stop-shop". 
  • Reliability, transparency and contract automation thanks to 

           ThinkCoin blockhain technology will now allow you to trade absolutely any financial products, such as goods, stocks, foreign currencies and crypto-currencies, options and bonds, and also using FX and CFD trading, transparent, convenient and the safest way.  

           Now available for download and review MVP TradeConnect, as a trial version on GooglePlay and AppStore.  

           To develop an initial version of the platform, monetary influences are needed - they were planned to be earned through Pre-ICO and ICO.  To successfully start the collected amount should be 5 000 000 $. The company issued its own TCO token, based on Ethereum, in the amount of 500,000,000 units.  Of these, 60% are available on the ICO and PreICO, namely 300,000,000 TCO.  The price of the token for ICO time will be $ 0.30.  SoftCap and HardCap are $ 5,000,000 and $ 30,000,000, respectively.  

  • Total tokens: 500,000,000 
  • On PreICO and ICO: 300,000,000 
  • Symbol: TCO 
  • Price: $ 0.3 
  • SoftCap: $ 5,000,000 
  • HardCap: $ 30,000,000 
  • Accepted currency: BTC, ETH, BCH and Fiat 

Distribution of generated tokens Distribution will occur as follows  way: 

  • 60% for PreICO and ICO 
  • 24% for pools of liquidity and significant participants 
  • 1% for bounty company 
  • 15% for the team and consultants 

           Also I note that the release of tokens will take place in two stages: For the first stage of development and attraction of participants - on PreICO, for  development of systems and structures - at the ICO.  

Distribution of collected funds: 

  • 45% for marketing and attracting new users 
  • 30% for the development of the TradeConnect platform 
  • 12% for the operation 10% for licensing 
  • 3% for the services of a lawyer, consultant and auditor 

           The project road map is detailed, starting from July of this year, 2018, ending  July 2019 - when the TradeConnect IPO will be launched.  You can find out more about the project at the Bitcointalk forum in the official announcement of the project - ANN ThinkCoin. 

           The team has 35 main employees in 6 offices. It has both experienced managers and professionals with good experience.  Links to their profiles, including those available for review.  

           Also, the project has a fairly large number of advisers helping in the development of the platform.  

Ratings of the project 

           All available ratings are quite high, namely: TrackICO 4.6 / 5 ICOBench 4.3 / 5 ICOMarks 8.3 / 10 

Project popularity 

           The project is presented on such resources and publishers as Forbes, Coinspeaker, Daily Express, CCN, VentureTimes and many others.  

           In conclusion, I want to note that the project is rapidly developing and gaining popularity, successfully raising funds, has prototypes as mobile applications and high activity in social networks.



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