EON ICO Review

          Good afternoon readers of my blog.  Today at my review there will be a very ambitious project with an interesting idea.  The project itself is called EON and it is dedicated to virtual reality and video games themselves.  The project will provide an opportunity to step out of the shadow of young and talented developers and show a new generation of game creators.  

          But let's take everything in order EON new project, the task of which is to displace large companies from the video game market and give the way to young developers in this difficult field, what it is right now.  Think for yourself, who is easier to make a game?  

          A multibillion-dollar company or a company of very gifted developers, but without a large budget.  For simple developers, this is very difficult, because you have to devote most of the budget to the promotion of your project.  

          As you could already understand, EON is seriously aimed at reducing the influence of large companies on the video game and virtual reality industry.  The platform works on the blockbuster Ethereum, and this immediately tells us about several advantages: 

  • Transparency.  In the era of the blockade now everything has become as open as possible, all the circuits have open source code.  This gives an excellent opportunity for users to trust the project, and for the project, to maintain their reputation and always understand where they go or where resources come from.  
  • Reduction of commissions.  Blocking will allow to carry out transactions with very small commissions.  Assume that to transfer any amount, for example 10 aether, you need only about 0.001ETH, about $ 0.7.  There are no intermediaries, money will go to development or something more important, so blocking is an excellent option for any company.  
  • Fast transactions.  Blocking does not take breaks and works 24/7 every day.  This means that every transaction will pass quickly.  There is also the possibility to track it.  
  • Decentralization.  The blockade does not have a central data point, headquarters, and so on.  If even a piece of information falls into the wrong hands, then you do not have to worry, because only a small part of it will fall.  With the blockbuster will be safer to every person, each company.

          EON has developed an ecosystem in which the SEO developers and gamers get certain rights.  And when the blockade, every development, every computer game will be safe.  The plans of the development team to make a referral system for gamers, developers, to attract more people and at the same time rewarding users for it.  

          Video games have always worried me and I admit that I myself am interested in the advancement of ambitious game creators, who do not have as many money opportunities and connections as large corporations.  

Information on the token 

  • Name of the token - EON 
  • Total number of coins - 2.1 billion EON.  
  • The cost of the token during the ICO is 1ETH = 21000 EON, 1EON = $ 0.0280 (0.00004760ETH).  
  • Softcap - 30 thousand ETH 
  • Hardcap - 100 thousand ETH 

          If you can not raise funds, then all of them will be returned to investors. 

Distribution of tokens 

  • Fund and project marketing - 20%.  
  • On sale - 30%.  
  • Freeze tokens for 4 years - 10%.  
  • Advisors, reservation fund - 10%.  
  • Bounty programs, support in social networks - 30% 

          The project team is very professional.  The founder of EON studied at Stanford University, later also in Southern California. Staff members are also very good, in general, judging the platform by its command, EON has a great future.

Website — http://eontoken.io/

Whitepaper — https://docsend.com/view/yuhe5nc

ANN thread — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4432974

Twitter — https://twitter.com/EonToken

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/eontoken

Telegram —https://t.me/eontoken3

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1835919

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